value engineering office in gurgaon

The right mix that makes your workspace the most inspiring and vibrant of all personal spaces you share during a day.

value engineering office in gurgaon

June 06, 2016 | by Mona Shukla

One really needs to understand the purpose of an office workspace, what it means to each individual of a Company sitting under a common roof, what values and intent are the walls exhibiting and talking…

The place speaks to you clearly and has it’s own vibes – could be positive or negative. Every nook and corner, in addition to a welcoming Reception area and guest lounge, should be chic and full of warmth. This warmth comes from the use of right kind of colors in the interior and chicness comes from the quality of elements and materials used to put the space together.

CORPORATEDGE Serviced Offices takes special interest in doing their spaces

The Interiors, the ambience, the clear understanding of multiple use of space by various companies globally with different industry background, vision and goals come to be a part of such an office space.

Thus I always felt that there is a lot of value engineering required in doing these spaces, it needs to list out the requirements of individuals, companies, the kind of space which everyone could relate with, to dream, to be associated with, be productive and always feeling professionally at home.

Right layout, right planning of common areas and corridors, taking into account the structural columns in the floor plate, the warm yet cool factor of an office, the right air conditioning, colors, the areas defining their purpose and taking care of various hierarchies of people within the system, the open and closed formal culture, the relaxed spaces to chit chat and unwind.

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