10 Good reasons to relook at how we work and from where we work, post-pandemic The hybrid working style – Flexible Shared Serviced Offices

Monaah M Shuklla

10 Good reasons to relook at how we work and from where we work, post pandemic The hybrid working style - Flexible Shared Serviced Offices

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of office / workplace concept. With most countries in lockdown mode, work-from-home became the norm. The trend continues in 2021 but work from home comes with some challenges. 

Around the globe businesses have started adopting to flexible remote work model and its been noticed that many organisations are re-evaluating and re-structuring their business operating strategies and expansion plans. They are seeking alternate workspace arrangements to support a hybrid-working model of days in and out of the office.

While organizations are still struggling to become fully functional, hybrid-serviced offices/ shared workspaces have started offering flexible and attractive options to suit business types. These solution-led offers will aid organisations in minimizing the overhead cost, maximizing the work efficiency and work productivity, revenue generation and employee satisfaction 

There are many benefits of making this transition:

  1. Hybrid-serviced office / Shared serviced offices are fully furnished with plug-in work stations, Wi-Fi, tea-coffee machines, café, photocopy and printing services, technical support, clean washrooms and good air-conditioning.
  2.  With a reduction in the number of employees at the office, employers don’t need large office space and hence are moving to Hybrid-serviced office. Not only can a hybrid model lead to rental cost savings, fewer office supplies are needed
  3. This is a cost-effective and economical option. Organisations/entrepreneurs do not need to pay for regular maintenance and utilities and yet get professional infrastructure, support staff, advanced IT support etc.
  4. With multiple companies / organization using Hybrid serviced office and shared workspace, it also provides business networking opportunities for professionals.
  5. Renting out hybrid-serviced office tends to control office politics as people meet for shorter time periods and are from varied verticals.
  6. Most hybrid serviced office/shared-working spaces have a pleasing open layout, leaving a positive impact and also offer exclusive meeting rooms and conferencing facilities such as in-house screen projectors, video conferencing, IT support, stationaries etc.
  7. To further smoothen work and reduce operational cost, hybrid serviced offices/ shared-workspace offer monthly membership plans for organisations with large team, entrepreneurs and freelancers.
  8. As some hybrid offices have multiple presences, this means more advantages if you use their premises across cities.
  9.  ‘Flexible workspace’ is the keyword. With the Virtual Office option provided by hybrid-serviced offices, now businesses and entrepreneurs can remain connected with the clients while being apart.
  10. Most of the hybrid-serviced offices /shared-working spaces are in CBDs and centrally located which is easily accessible and saves on commuting time. 

Among the leading players for premium hybrid-serviced offices in the Indian market is CorporatEdge Serviced Offices.  

CoproratEdge assist clients in finding the perfect workplace solution for current and future. From large enterprises to growing start-ups, CorporatEdge provides flexible hybrid serviced office, shared-workplace solutions in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore with modern infrastructure, advanced IT support cafés and kitchen area, phone booths, 24/7 building access, guest lounge and concierge, day to day business facilities – photocopying and printing services, secured keyless entry office doors, mail and package handling. 

To sum up, hybrid offices are flexible, cost-efficient and friendly working spaces. It is certainly a boon for large-mid size businesses, entrepreneurs and individual who want to work anywhere, anytime.