6 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Serviced Office Space

Monaah M Shuklla

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Serviced Office Space

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2020-2021 has taught us a lot in terms of how life is unpredictable. Just as people had started wrapping their heads around living life in the New Normal, life threw a curveball.

After the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, offices are gradually opening up in India. In times like this, it is imperative for businesses to make every move after careful consideration. One of the critical decisions that companies need to make in the New Normal before reopening is zero-in on the suitable office space.

While there is no shortage of office spaces, business owners must pick the best space. Being one of the best office space providers in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore, we at CorporatEdge have created a list of common mistakes to avoid while selecting a serviced office space:

  1. Making rent the primary deciding factor – Businesses faced tremendous loss in the wake of the pandemic, making budgeting the most important deciding factor while renting a serviced office space. There are serviced office spaces spread across various cities in different locations available at different price tags.What you need to avoid is making rent the focal point while choosing a workspace. You also need to consider the location, amenities, and other value-added services that offer you maximum ROI.
  2. Making an impulsive decision – Renting workspaces involves a lot of deliberation. Take your time, do your research, and ensure that the office location is close to, say, public transportations, restaurants, hotels, and so on. It is good to connect with the office space providers and schedule a tour before taking the final call instead of deciding based on the information available online.
  3. Ignoring the location – Location plays a vital role in business success. Centrally located offices such as Connaught Place in Delhi, DLF Cybercity in Gurgaon, or MG Road in Bangalore provide ample opportunities to network and expand the business. With all the amenities nearby and being well-connected to different parts of the city, these locations prove beneficial for companies in the long run.
  4. Not focusing on infrastructure – Low-cost office spaces often translate to low-quality infrastructure. While this may help save money for businesses, in the long run, it can prove costly. For instance, you may spendmore money on the maintenance and frequent repairs/replacement of the office furniture. In the New Normal, it is vital to focus on your employees’ health and well-being, and infrastructure is one of the factors that adds to it.

Pro tip: While looking for office spaces, look for – LEED-certified building, the arrival experience, well-lit surroundings, HVAC specs with Merv filters (to reduce transmission of airborne diseases), and so on.


  1. Focusing only on the building –There’s a lot that goes into a serviced office space apart from the building. The best-serviced offices offer a lot more than an excellent office address. While having a workspace in Grade-A buildings with a lovely façade is crucial, you also must consider other factors. Think of ergonomic furniture, meeting spaces, board rooms, private cabins, cleanliness/hygiene, 24/7 security, cafeteria, and more. A dedicated and fully-equipped spacewillmeet all/most ofthese requirements.

Why Choose CorporatEdge Flexible Offices?

CorporatEdge offers the perfect-fit workspaces for businesses. From private cabins to team offices with ergonomic furniture, and state-of-the-art meeting rooms, there is everything needed to reduce the moving downtime for companies looking forward to accommodating their workforce.

CorporatEdge follows stringent COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Select from our hygienic, sanitized, and secure workspaces situated at prominent business locations in New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore.

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