Virtual offices and co-working spaces

Virtual offices and co-working spaces

Corporatedge Virtual office services in Bangalore have contributed a great deal in the success of businesses. The office solutions are the best in the provision of quality administrative facilities at very affordable rates.

Those who run their businesses from home are given the chance to expand their businesses and get them to a more professional office environment. This helps in controlling costs and gives the owner the flexibility to expand the company even in the future.

“There is no competition in business only collaboration”
Cynthia Chiam

The virtual office helps you to have a professional business address of Cyber city or Two Horizon center golf course road and this helps you to boost your Company’s image. It also helps if your company is looking at a regional presence or a satellite office in the north and do not have the need to lease a physical office. Our business centres are located in prime business locations, this helps you to establish a presence in new market with ease. You can also save by getting a preferential rate on our ready to use, inspirational meeting rooms.

Corporatedge offers you Co working spaces as well with the flexibility of upgrading from a shared JAD, flexible desk to a fixed, (My desk) and from a co working fixed workspace to a private office suite. This helps an individual to operate from a collaborative, inspiring and friendly work place which also helps boost his productivity.

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My kind of workplace

My Kind Of Workplace

Work place satisfaction and productivity boost

Modern workplace environments call for innovation and inspiring design elements BUT What works best for an individual or a business?

Are open plan offices or a Coworking place more of a rage? Office cubicles? Private office suites? Open offices? Virtual offices? Work from home? What is your pick?

There are pros and cons for each kind of a design
  • Office Cubicles provide a sense of privacy, are an enclosed desk area but make the employees unhappy to be cut away from their peers and colleagues. Though it might offer lesser distractions, it also offers unsolicited distractions where an employee can be in his own daydreaming mode.
  • Private Office Suites offer senior workforce a better sense of urgency and commitment in their jobs. Since most of their work revolves around confidential meetings and discussions and conference calls where they need that private plush den to define their personality and years of experience
  • Open and Shared Offices are ideal for maximizing the yield on square footage and minimizing the real estate costs but are best suited for early stage start-ups, young solopreneurs and young millennial generation which craves to network and socialize
  • Virtual Offices offer more of a sense of pride to have an official mailbox and address and give an opportunity to have a larger footprint in various cities without being physically present. But it lacks the physical workplace aspect, and a person relies more on a road warrior agenda.
  • Virtual offices along with a Day Pass option of visiting your Mailbox address place and getting a flexible desk to work offers better opportunity and flexibility to sit out and work in a professional & chic environment.
  • Work from Home gives flexibility and ease of zero travel but the sense of dressing up and getting ready to nail the day and be on your toes to finish your tasks goes away. it offers far larger distractions and noise pollution than you can imagine.
It may help to boost your productivity to some extent but you are demotivated, lack interaction and networking, are totally out of sight and out of mind.