Canceling the ever so disturbing office noise – starts with thoughtful office design and fit-out

From Tap Beer On Site to Pool Tables is Co working A Confused Terminology Or A Real Estate Bubble Soon to Burst

The biggest problems faced by office people/ teams working in open-plan office space is the problem of noise. Other people chit-chatting, the office colleagues talking, telephones ringing and noise from other machines these all contribute to creating a disturbing and not so favorable office buzz.

This noise, in the era of creative thoughtful work, has become a big concern for employers and employees both.

Research shows that the more complex and intricate your work is, employees need more time to re-focus and concentrate hard when distracted by noise. This also produces an unwillingness to take up and finish such serious tasks when people are aware of their noisy background. Providing control over how much noise to allow can help people focus better and improve workplace motivation to a much great extent. It definitely helps boost productivity as well.

Office fit out and design needs careful thought and in creating great office spaces one always needs to experiment and find new ways to provide form and functionality to control and keep a check on the ugly office noise. Globally the workplace authorities agree that use of quality acoustics in the office floors determines the performance factor and workplace wellbeing.

A great office fit out contractor and interior designer work towards incorporating important tools to create a noise-free office.

Some of the most effective methods used are:

1. Noise check/ control with thoughtful office design and plan.

2. Paying close attention to the different kind of work and work scenarios that happen in an office before they start the designing. Experts also develop a keen understanding of their clients’ work, their teams that need to work together and the ones that can work in isolation. Keeping in mind the various working styles and requirements, they place teams and individuals in proximity for better collaboration and keep isolated spaces for all the tasks and people that need the high level of concentration and strategic thoughtful insights.

3. Noise cancellation with thoughtful inspiring office fit out

4. To help all the larger teams collaborate better without disturbing others, office fit out consultants use office fabric, right acoustics material for ceilings and also use office carpet., vinyl flooring etc avoiding hard flooring which adds to noise created by regular walking of office users in the aisles and common areas. The use of such elements helps absorb noise and keeps other areas relatively peaceful. Aligning office storage and seating styles strategically, as they create barriers that block noise yet bring about collaboration without hindrance.

5. State of the art technologically savvy Cordless headphones for critical tasks. Many organizations provide and allow employees to put on headphones when they need their complete concentration for a task. Studies have proved that some level of noise does help to concentrate better when people are engaged in repetitive, structured tasks. Whether people use headphones for keeping them focused on their repetitive chores or use them to cancel other noise, the headphone is an excellent way of giving employees control over office noise.

6. Building quiet corners and telephone booths for better communication.

7. Apart from an intelligent office floor plan, office designers employ innovative and inspiring office equipment to include quiet corners in the office. Meeting pods for individuals or teams and office telebooths are such innovations that help people make phone calls and conduct short meetings peacefully and without any noise distraction.

From tap beer on site to pool tables is co-working a confused terminology or a real estate bubble soon to burst

From Tap Beer On Site to Pool Tables is Co working A Confused Terminology Or A Real Estate Bubble Soon to Burst

Are we looking at Co working places to be apt for start ups , entrepreneurs, business networking individuals ? Do start ups really need the fancy set ups and ease of operating out of a hip place to perch themselves with laptops and start working in a space with Brazilian coffee or network over running beer right from the tap all bundled up and available at a low no really low price point ?

90% start ups fail and the ones which grow all of us know work day in and out compromising on the infrastructure and fancy aids to be able to sustain their costs yet keeping a steady watch on investing in their team, and working towards fund raising.

With my really long association of almost 15 years with the serviced office industry and understanding the needs of the ever evolving corporates , I do very clearly understand that Co working is all about a valuation game than a self sustaining profitable model. Are we saying that with the ever increasing real estate rentals specially in Grade A locations and buildings , one can provide low cost rentals without compromising on quality / service and can sustain the business for years to come without having the developer to share the burden or letting business bleed.

The deal structuring of such Co working places is mostly zero security deposits and rent free months to be able to offer hip and trendy fit out and a rate to lure the end user which means burden on the developer/ or a price correction on the real estate offering.

Most of these Co working spaces are either in buildings which were non functional or where rentals will be low, a compromised location , layout , less natural light areas or a distress property.

A Co working set up in CBD more like the well known set ups will not be a co working offering but more like a space leased out to one Multinational/ or Corporate who are primarily having the budget and wanting a spill over or project space , which as per my understanding isn’t a co working facility but a net space end use.

How many matured start ups with funding or Companies and MNCs would like to be a part of a Co working set up , where they will have an issue on creating their own brand identity or culture being set up in their own team, forget the closed cubicles / private offices which one would clearly look at to maintain confidentiality of business.

Who would want to be a part of a set up which cannot offer confidentiality / business ethics/ secured VLAN set ups still required by the ever growing demands of such corporates to secure their IT infrastructure.

I rather would feel that a Co working which works like an accelerator for business, an incubator, or the one which provides mentor ship on the likes of Silicon Valley are still to be holding the test of times than the ones only concentrating on ping pong tables, beer and coffee with colour full interiors .

An end user ready to pay will also not like to compromise on security, noise pollution, chatter, or rubbing shoulders with anyone and everyone .

With so many Co working facilities opening every day how many will stand the test of times or sustain business growth is doubtful to say.

Mona Shukla
Founder and CEO

Who I am makes a difference

Who I am Makes a Difference

In today’s world, one needs to deliver and put forward the best of infrastructure, facilities, support and above all an impeccable service to be able to win the clients and create a WOW factor.

“Her latest venture, Corporatedge is a testament to her belief and proof of her dedication and commitment to create lasting value through innovative solutions and propositions that support business growth”.

Corporatedge Offices are inspiring workplaces which are the premium in every aspect be its location, building, facility or service yet value for money for the Corporate who leases office space.

Our Story, the journey has just begun…I come from the city of nawabs, where I was born and studied in St. Mary’s Covent, R.D.S.O Lucknow.

Right from the very beginning, I was exposed to the ‘Nazakat‘ and the hospitable culture of the city of Lucknow and (the please, thank you, may I please ) the right use of English with no jargons and slangs from my school run by I.B.M.V ( Institute of blessed Mary virgin) nuns.

I am grateful for my schooling and college both. Did my graduation in Food & Nutrition from Lady Irwin to get into Dietetics, but as luck may unfold, was lured by a big advert in the newspaper which read “ Be a CAT in the rat race”. That lead me to pursue my Post graduation in Hospitality Management from the Taj Group of Hotels.

This was a great learning opportunity for me to iron out my knowledge in hospitality and be an all rounder to dazzle the customer with an impeccable service and knowing what it is to put a big smile on their face.

I got an opportunity to bring in the Business Centre/ Serviced Office industry for our Country., end 2004, having set up the Regus in North with around 7 Centres and setting them and running them profitably for this London-headquartered Company, I took a sabbatical for a year to enjoy the non-corporate life, this was the time which led me to explore my personal self, my hobbies, my passions and what I wanted to do as value creation for my country.

It was clear that I did not want to go back into working or consulting assignments which came my way, but identified the big service gap in the serviced office industry (which I had so passionately help Regus set up in our country.).

I felt there was a clear need of workplaces which could inspire people working in them, a place which boosts one’s creative side and which has the right mix of people, service, product, and transparency of every single penny an organization pays.

As Serviced offices are a one stop solution for an individual, Company or an MNC who require an office for themselves, be it a Representative Office, Liasion Office, expansion need, spill over or any Company downsizing , I did feel that one needs to have an edge over others in the same business..that gave birth to Corporatedge Serviced Offices.. and we formed the company in August 2012.

To set up a formidable business one not only needs the right amount of knowledge, experience, and commitment but also passion and creative out of box thinking, a heart of steel to help you through the rollercoaster of highs and lows in business and creating an important space for yourself making the competition irrelevant.

It’s been four plus years of business for us from opening doors to business in Jan 2013, we chose to be in the best building, the most prime location, a great address, CBD of Gurgaon, Cyber City and the 20th Floor to proudly offer the Millenium Offices which boast of a great 360 degrees view of Gurgaon.

Having served some very best fortune 500 companies, MNCs and more than those clients who were really happy with our service, product, and team, it encouraged us to open our second Centre in the platinum lead certified building 2 Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road Gurgaon.

Our second center is a testament to our uncompromised service and a really chic product which is been tastefully designed keeping in mind the end user and his requirement.

Corporatedge has the been able to deliver by far the best product, great locations, premium addresses and finest of buildings to the serviced office clients who need an office, meeting places, Virtual Offices, Shared/ Coworking Space, Video Conferencing, Ancillary services.

My dream is to be the No. 1 Indian serviced office provider, in service and hospitality with finest of the workplaces which we can provide to every Company, start up or solopreneur who needs support to start an office.

We truly believe in Make In India, Invest in India and are there to offer support through Corporatedge to Companies setting up an office in India.

It’s just the beginning for us and we are working on improvising and planning of great Serviced Offices with the best service for our clients.

Serviced office in Gurgaon

Serviced office in gurgaon

Make a great impression on your clients and business partners with our well designed,
maintained and strategically located serviced offices in Gurgaon.

In business every square foot of office space solutions really matters. The ratio of the seating space and common area for usage and circulation has to be good in order to create an ease and comfort for an individual or company to work.

Designed to create the best impression

Corporatedge provides chic and well-appointed office space to suit organisations of all sizes – right at the heart of the business district of Gurgaon, building 5 Cyber City, building 10 cyber city and the prime Golf Course Road, Gurgaon in Two Horizon Center which is regarded as a landmark building and commercial hub that caters to the needs of the working professionals. Golf Course Road boasts of excellent connectivity by road. Its proximity to the airport is another attractive offering of the area. This area is known for its luxury service apartments that are favoured among business travelers.

Whether it is serviced offices, managed net space, Co working, meeting and conference facilities or virtual offices, trust us to take the utmost care of all your office space needs. Now create the best impression to suit your profile with office space in Gurgaon’s prime-located serviced offices of Corporatedge.

Enhance your corporate image today. Call us to arrange an exclusive viewing or make an enquiry.

My kind of workplace

My Kind Of Workplace

Work place satisfaction and productivity boost

Modern workplace environments call for innovation and inspiring design elements BUT What works best for an individual or a business?

Are open plan offices or a Coworking place more of a rage? Office cubicles? Private office suites? Open offices? Virtual offices? Work from home? What is your pick?

There are pros and cons for each kind of a design
  • Office Cubicles provide a sense of privacy, are an enclosed desk area but make the employees unhappy to be cut away from their peers and colleagues. Though it might offer lesser distractions, it also offers unsolicited distractions where an employee can be in his own daydreaming mode.
  • Private Office Suites offer senior workforce a better sense of urgency and commitment in their jobs. Since most of their work revolves around confidential meetings and discussions and conference calls where they need that private plush den to define their personality and years of experience
  • Open and Shared Offices are ideal for maximizing the yield on square footage and minimizing the real estate costs but are best suited for early stage start-ups, young solopreneurs and young millennial generation which craves to network and socialize
  • Virtual Offices offer more of a sense of pride to have an official mailbox and address and give an opportunity to have a larger footprint in various cities without being physically present. But it lacks the physical workplace aspect, and a person relies more on a road warrior agenda.
  • Virtual offices along with a Day Pass option of visiting your Mailbox address place and getting a flexible desk to work offers better opportunity and flexibility to sit out and work in a professional & chic environment.
  • Work from Home gives flexibility and ease of zero travel but the sense of dressing up and getting ready to nail the day and be on your toes to finish your tasks goes away. it offers far larger distractions and noise pollution than you can imagine.
It may help to boost your productivity to some extent but you are demotivated, lack interaction and networking, are totally out of sight and out of mind.