Coworking Space vs. Remote Working

Coworking Space vs. Remote Working: Which is More Productive?

Productivity is the most important aspect that professionals look for when working remotely or from a coworking space. Read the following blog to learn about which mode of working is more productive.

With technological advancement, remote working has become more prevalent, allowing individuals to work from anywhere. However, coworking spaces have also gained popularity recently, offering a collaborative and productive work environment. So, which is better for productivity: coworking spaces or remote working? This article will explore the perks of coworking spaces and remote working. Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or simply looking to boost your productivity, this article will give you valuable insights into the modern work environment and help you determine the best option.

What are Coworking Spaces?

Coworking spaces are shared workspaces where individuals, startups and companies can work together in a collaborative environment. These spaces offer amenities such as office infrastructure, fast internet and conference rooms. Coworking spaces are popular among freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and expanding businesses.

Coworking spaces have seen a significant increase in popularity in prominent cities in India, such as Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The increase in demand for coworking spaces in Bangalore, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, and other prime cities can be attributed to several factors, including the rise of the gig economy, the need for affordable office spaces, and the growth of startups and freelancers. space.

What are the benefits of coworking space?

Here are the benefits of coworking spaces:

1. Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces provide opportunities for networking and collaboration. In a coworking space, individuals from different backgrounds and industries work together in a shared environment, providing opportunities for networking, cross-collaboration and thoughtful exchange of ideas.

2. Increase in Productivity

Coworking spaces provide an environment conducive to productivity. Recent studies have shown:

  • 75% of coworkers reported higher productivity
  • 80% asserted their business network grew
  • 86% reported feeling less lonely

Coworking spaces provide a structured work environment to help individuals stay focused and motivated.

3. Creative Environment

Coworking spaces provide a creative environment and foster innovation and creativity. Individuals from different industries and backgrounds work together, providing opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas. Additionally, coworking spaces organize events and workshops to encourage members to learn new skills and broaden their horizons.

4. Work-life Balance

Coworking spaces provide a work-life balance that is challenging to achieve when working from home. Coworking spaces offer opportunities for socializing and networking, which can help individuals avoid isolation and burnout.

5. Controlled Work Schedule

Most coworking facilities are often open 24/7. People can work for extended periods when they have a deadline. They can choose to work in a private space where they can concentrate or in a more collaborative area with shared tables where discussions are welcomed.

What is Remote Working?

Remote working is an arrangement for employees to work from a location other than the traditional office. Remote work has become popular in recent years due to the rise of digital technology. 

Remote working provides increased autonomy for employees. Remote workers have more control over their work environment, as they can choose to work in cozy surroundings or a vibrant coworking cafe to stay focused and prolific. Also, remote employees have more freedom to choose their work environment and can take ownership of their projects.

Furthermore, Remote working provides access to a global talent pool. Companies can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world. Companies can build diverse and talented teams to work together to achieve common goals.

Why Do Coworking Spaces Make Employees More Content and Productive?

Here are some reasons why coworking spaces make employees more content and productive.

Working from home can be isolating and a significant reason for stress and anxiety for remote workers. Coworking spaces offer a social and collaborative environment to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness. This can improve mental health and help employees feel more connected to their community.

● Reduced Stress

Coworking spaces provide a constructive work environment for individuals to focus on their work without distractions, increasing focus and reducing stress.

● Be a Part of a Community

Individuals working in shared spaces enjoy an overwhelming sense of community in many ways. Individuals feel belonging to a coworking community enriches their personal and professional life while addressing the social gap felt while working remotely. Professionals feel a sense of responsibility and ownership for their contributions to the coworking community.

● Access to Resources

Coworking spaces provide access to resources to help individuals to be more productive. The spaces have a vibrant office infrastructure, top-notch technology and other amenities to stay focused and productive.

So, which mode of working is better for productivity: coworking spaces or remote working? It depends on your personal preferences and work style. Coworking spaces offer a collaborative environment conducive to productivity and provide access to resources and support. Remote working offers flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere but can also lead to feelings of isolation, distraction and decreased productivity. Moreover, it depends on the kind of environment you prefer to work in.

Co-working Office Space in India

Difference between Private Offices and Co-working Spaces

Difference between Private Offices and Co-working Spaces

Co-working Office Space in India

Offices have been an integral part of organizations since the advent of the modern age. Traditionally, companies have always opted for private office spaces for reasons ranging from maintaining decorum to offering privacy. However, the changing perspective towards company management and the evolving dynamics of work culture have shifted the traditional mindset of being constricted to private offices to a more liberal viewpoint. Co-working office spaces and serviced office spaces are new work trends that have emerged as an alternative to traditional office spaces.

What is the major difference between a private office and a co-working space?

In a private office, only the employees of a particular company gather and have their own dedicated spaces. On the other hand, a co-working space is more inclusive. In a co-working space, you will be working with people from different companies in a common area.

Private office spaces feature fixed cubicles and seating arrangements for employees, along with fixed schedules and timings. In contrast, in most co-working office spaces, the work area is allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are no fixed seating plans, and the same area can be used by many different companies, one after the other depending upon their schedule. CorporatEdge provides customized solutions for all our clients.

Private office spaces are generally rented or hired for longer periods. For example, some commercial spaces are leased for almost 1 to 2 years. However, co-working office spaces can be rented out for long periods or even a single day (by getting a day pass). This entirely depends upon the services and policies of the co-working space provider.

CorporatEdge manages both private and co-working offices, reducing management pressure on the companies. Our services cater to the companies’ needs, giving them room to grow with seamless integration of their work culture. CorporatEdge is an innovative service provider specializing in the best possible office space suitable to every company. CorporatEdge provides you with both services-private office space and co-working space.

Why do companies opt for co-working office spaces?

Private office space requires a lot of money for rent and upkeep. Now, an established company with many resources can afford a spacious private office area for itself. However, this may be unfeasible and expensive for small and medium-sized companies. Especially since the advent of the start-up age, people have been looking for innovations in reducing and managing costs while at the same time opting for a dedicated workspace for their team.

The low costs and easy management features of co-working spaces are the primary reasons why companies choose co-working instead of private office space. CorporatEdge understands the dilemma that young start-ups, solopreneurs and regular entrepreneurs have to go through when looking for a space that gives them the liberty to pursue a systematic work culture within their budget.

However, CorporatEdge also considers the issues that an established or veteran company has to go through while looking for private office space due to numerous reasons such as expansion, location change, and so on. Established firms often struggle to find the right space that suits their workforce and are burdened by the copious amounts of documentation required to get a lease. CorporatEdge takes care of every aspect of providing an office space that suits all the requirements of our clients without fail.

What are the pros and cons of private office spaces and co-working spaces?

While comparing the pros and cons of both private offices and co-working offices, you will find that the advantage of one is the disadvantage of the other. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each space:


The first and foremost con of a co-working office space is autonomy. Unlike a private office, you do not have exclusive autonomy to organize events and conferences particular to one company. Contrast that with a private office, where you can organize as many conferences as your schedule permits without any interference. This gives private office spaces a lot of autonomy.


As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages the world, people have realized that maintaining hygiene is key to good health. Although it is a con for both kinds of workspace, keeping the work area clean in both co-working and private office spaces is necessary. CorporatEdge has innovated and adapted to the evolving sanitary needs and precautionary measures needed to eliminate any chances of breaking the social distancing norms. CorporatEdge office spaces are frequently sanitized and equipped with thermal scanners to ascertain the wellbeing of every person who is present and working in the area.


This is a big con for co-working spaces and a huge pro for private offices. With many different companies working together, there is a possibility of a data breach or plagiarism of novel ideas. This can pose many problems for companies working on big projects in co-working spaces. This cannot happen in private office spaces since there is no outside interference. It gives you the benefit of getting a personalized IT team to ensure a seamless, secure data protection module.

CorporatEdge’s innovative approach towards these problems is great news for start-ups and companies working in co-working spaces. CorporatEdge offers IT support for technical assistance.


Co-working spaces are a great option for start-ups since they offer the liberty to organize events and social gatherings with prospective clients and other start-ups in the same field in association with incubators. CorporatEdge offers such benefits in both private and co-working office spaces. However, in private spaces, discretion is completely dependent on the company that owns the place and in co-working spaces, it depends on the majority.

Perusing this list of pros and cons of private and co-working office spaces will give you an idea of the best-suited space for your company. And if it interests you, feel free to reach out CorporatEdge. We will be more than happy to guide you and offer more insights into how you can capitalize on finding the right office space that propels your company’s vision forward.

Serviced Office Space in India

How to Reduce the Fixed Costs of your Business

How to Reduce the Fixed Costs of your Business

Serviced Office Space in India

With the changing work culture all over the globe, companies are now looking for the best possible way to manage their office spaces. Work from home culture has given rise to remote work culture. Adapting the work-from-home model has been lucrative for organisations by being cost-effective. However, there lies a major productivity issue in working from home. Moreover, a company can’t run all its operations online. So companies must figure out their budget and finances when considering resuming their offline operations. While it may seem like a challenge, there are many innovative ways in which your firm can reduce fixed business costs.


CorporatEdge allows companies to explore different options that were not the norm a few years ago. People are more inclined to opt for co-working or serviced office spaces with the changing work dynamics. Alternatives to traditional offices and innovative facilities at affordable prices give organisations leverage now. The wide range of services of CorporatEdge gives you an edge in managing your finances. Here are some services that you can incorporate in your business to balance the expense without compromising on the business aspect of your brand.

Ease of management


Traditionally, private office spaces have been owned and managed by organisations themselves. However, with so many new businesses emerging every year, it is almost impossible for such companies to manage their private offices independently.


Managing office spaces all on their own and investing in commercial property for complete ownership can be a hefty investment. With the growing demand for premium office spaces with cutting-edge services, office spaces are now becoming hybrid workstations. The primary objective for firms now is an ergonomic and business-oriented approach while ensuring affordability.

CorporatEdge has taken this solution further by conceptualising all the pitfalls and possibilities for improvements that an emerging startup or company would want. For instance, CorporatEdge manages and services the private offices without interfering with the company’s internal management. Furthermore, it provides a team of IT experts for technical assistance. Furthermore, CCTV surveillance and security with key cards for a day pass ensures secure access in the building 24×7. Moreover, we provide options like a dedicated desk, hot desk for the employees of our client companies to have a seamless workflow ensuring productivity on their designated tasks and projects. So, renting CorporatEdge’s premium private space gives you the liberty to expand your operations and make the best out of all the amenities.


Renting out such office spaces aligns with your budgetary demands as you will easily reduce your business cost without spending extra money on its servicing and management.

Virtual offices


Startups and companies looking for alternative ways to build their reputation as a business entity can use virtual offices. CorporatEdge’s virtual office solutions include mail handling, professional team support, phone answering, meeting room’s access, etc., at affordable prices. This helps transform a home-based business into a fully grown professional corporate entity. A virtual office is a value-for-money solution that boosts your professional image, giving you and your team complete access to professional office facilities at affordable pocket-friendly prices.

Co-working and shared office spaces


The best way to reduce business costs is by opting for hybrid workspaces like coworking office spaces. Here, you do not have to bear the burden of renting out the whole place since the rental and other included costs are shared by all the companies working in the office. You get added benefits of common meeting rooms, break-out zones, telephone booth, lounge, and cafe area access.


CorporatEdge’s coworking and shared offices provide exclusive amenities like 24/7 building access, cafeteria, guest lounge and concierge, and photocopying and printing services, along with secured keyless entry office doors. This makes things easier and more economical since you get everything in one place, thus increasing your firm’s productivity.

Professional meeting spaces


Sometimes businesses need meeting spaces for client meetings or with important stakeholders. Many startups face the problem of finding a dedicated and professional meeting space in the different parts of their city, making it difficult to hold meetings at a place that is easily accessible for both parties. Not having a fixed physical place of work is a professional roadblock that can cost businesses their clients.


CorporatEdge solves this problem with many professional meeting rooms located at prime locations in various cities. This reduces the commute time since the company can now easily book the meeting and schedule a time at the clients’ preferred location. You can get the meeting room for a fixed period if you have numerous clients or stakeholder meetings lined up on the same day. These features allow you to make a strong impression of customer-centricity on your clients.

Business enterprise solutions


Several companies and startups face budget problems in choosing multi-faceted solutions, which are important to achieve your business goals. CorporatEdge has expertise and versatility in identifying and providing the best business enterprise solutions according to your businesses’ requirements. This helps CorporatEdge precisely which real estate office solution will fit your budget. You get all amenities at affordable prices, with the design and layout reflecting making your businesses look more productive and successful.




So, by having a systematic plan in place, you can easily manage your fixed business expenditure. CorporatEdge’s solution gives companies the right direction to start their portfolio and invest at the right place. This helps businesses save a lot of funds that can be utilised in various other areas of their work. The services of CorporatEdge not only make startups and businesses look professional and productive but also give them the right environment to nurture their businesses and achieve their targets.


CorporatEdge is the best office solutions company dedicated to ensuring that all our customer companies have the best possible amenities. Hence, we believe in pushing companies to scale faster and become successful tycoons in their respective sectors by establishing their business. Consult us for getting the right office space at affordable prices, thus reducing your expenses for new office space.

Virtual Office space

Virtual Offices for SME Businesses

Virtual Offices for SME Businesses

Virtual Office Space

In the significant years to come, we all would look back at the year 2020, which revolutionized the entire economy and paved a new way of working and imbibed a ‘new normal’ professional culture all across the globe. Start-ups started emerging and work from home became a standard way of working by everyone. From SMEs to multinationals, everyone started thinking of ways of reducing their costs and shifting to the virtual era for team connect and continuous work momentum.

SME or Small and Medium Enterprises have been the worst hit due to the pandemic because of the paucity of capital, resource and revenue loss, and cash flow challenges imposed by the severe lockdowns. For every business, no matter the size, cost-cutting was the solution. SMEs are especially vulnerable to staying afloat. For instance, by optimizing the rental costs of their office, many SMEs and MSMEs can reduce their operating cost.

Once remote work became the norm, businesses everywhere had to plan and rethink how much office space they need—and virtual offices began to rise in popularity. Borderless operations hence became a production feasibility and companies started opting for these solutions.

Work from home however convenient it sounds, does has its drawbacks too because it becomes more challenging to denote a fair work-play balance. Due to this divided attention where one needs to take care of the everyday domestic chores too, those important calls or emails may get unnoticed, and hence we miss out on some of the relevant professional notifications. Additionally, in some cases the credibility of the business is also compromised when the client learns about the ‘work from home’ scenario.

Keeping aligned to these factors, CorporatEdge has a solution for you where you can sign up for Virtual Offices and enable a distinguished presence for your business without the hassles of visiting your office everyday. You can enjoy the comfort of working from home or anywhere which suits you and your team while having a registered office address for your business, and the perfect administrative and team support, at a service that won’t pinch your pocket.

Other factors why you would choose the CorporatEdge Virtual Office Space are:

Business Real World:

With Virtual office business real world, you get 5 days access to our meeting rooms along with the business or GST registration for your business. So you can use our highly technologically equipped meeting rooms for your important business discussion or for a boardroom meeting.       

Registered Business Address:

Even though you are working from home, it is advisable to have your company registered at a swanky business location. It builds credibility while connecting with your potential clients also helps create a mark globally.

Postal Address:

You can use our address for mailing, on your website, letterhead, and stationery. With the CorporatEdge postal services, you can also use a registered address for your company and GST registration and enjoy 5-day access to our meeting room.

No more unread mails:

Unread mails going into hundreds and unsent couriers are now a thing of the past. Sign up for our Virtual Office plans and get highly trained assistance in handling your mails and courier services. Don’t let mails overwhelm you when you can leave it to us and focus on the growth of your business.

All calls answered:

We ensure backing you up with a professional support so that none of your calls go unanswered. We provide you with a dedicated phone number exclusively for your business and an expert to handle your calls.

Establish a unique identity for your business with CorporatEdge. Reach us out at or call us at +91 82 87 566777.

Meeting rooms in India

Rented Meeting Rooms In India

Rented Meeting Rooms In India

Meeting rooms in India

CorporatEdge is a premium provider of rented meeting rooms for business meets and interviews for senior-level recruitment. Along with all the services and facilities offered by the corporate edge, the service provider is adorned with a LEED-certified marquee building that promises excellence and a total worth of the money you spend for your business establishment.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, employer, or a businessman looking for rented office space, we are here to help you out. Here are some factors that make our rented meeting rooms in India a desirable choice for your business. 

Providing a state-of-the-art interior 

The first impression is the last impression. Hence, we have designed our meeting rooms with ace interior designs perfect for professional interaction. 

We come with advanced technical support and suave premises to create the perfect impression for your host. We have thoughtfully designed our meeting rooms with big screens, writing walls, audio-visual equipment, projectors, flip charts, and whiteboards. 

Located in Prime areas of the metropolis!

The location of the office space is of greatest priority. Why? Primarily because office space for rent at prime locations is pretty expensive. Instead of maintaining a permanent office, employers look for flexible workspace and meeting rooms, which you can rent as and when required.

We have our office spaces and meeting rooms in the premium business districts-Delhi, Gurugram & Bengaluru. Thus, commuting to attend meetings becomes a piece of cake for employers and employees.

High-speed Wi-fi service

We are all aware that the internet is an indispensable part of any professional interaction. Hence, we have excellent Wi-fi & LAN enabled for you. With this amazing innovation in technology, the client can access internet service from wherever they wish within the purview of our centre

Customised F&B Offering

Refreshments are part and parcel of any place where business interactions are being made and for any business deal to be fruitful.We provide you tea & coffee service and different snacking option so that you don’t have to worry about your food & beverage requirements.

Guest lounge and concierge 

We provide a guest lounge and concierge service so that your valued customers and senior-level employees are visibly impressed and satisfied by the milieu, where they can make all essential business talks and deals. Your valued clients and prospective senior-level employees will get satisfaction and be contented with the concierge service provided by the rented boardroom providers.


Hosting a meeting or having your own meeting room can be expensive and a burden on your business. With CorporatEdge you can avail of our meeting room facilities with state-of-the-art technology. We provide different size of meeting rooms in India which fits according to your business requirements.

So, why trust anyone else when you can create an excellent impression with CorporatEdge?

Office Space On Rent In Gurgaon

Five Tips Behind Choosing The Correct Office Space On Rent In Gurgaon

Five Tips Behind Choosing The Correct Office Space On Rent In Gurgaon

Office Space On Rent In Gurgaon

Gurgaon has been marked as one of the most popular business hubs of the nation. Explicitly, it is the Millennium City of Gurgaon that is ruling the sector. At present, the city is witnessing a surge of global corporate giants choosing this place for their next big office space in India. As a premium serviced office provider, CorporatEdge is an influential company making all the difference in the sector.  

Primarily, office space requirements are based on a few factors such as location, the expanse of space, cost, business services, car parking, proximity to refreshments, rental plans, and commitment issues. 

Here are some issues as recommended by CorporatEdge, discussed for your convenience. It will help you to decide upon the correct office space for rent in Gurgaon

  1. Top-notch location:

For any office, its location has to be the priority. When a space has unbeatable connectivity, your employees and clients will be happy to connect with you. A well-connected premium office space location supports building a positive brand image of your organization. Since the city is the hub of business faces, it sees a massive traffic flow from the nearby locations. Thus, proximity to the National Highways and metro stations is a must check. The ease of communication is a crucial point in building a brand image, and that is where CorporatEdge is cutting the ice with its prime locations at,

  • Gurgaon: Two Horizon and DLF Cyberhub,
  • New Delhi: HT House Connaught Place, and
  • Bangalore: ITC green. 
  1. High-quality buildings and facilities:

Aesthetically beautiful buildings are going to add to your brand image. When you are expecting a client onboard, the aesthetic look and feel of the building will work as your first impression. A beautifully decorative office space with ergonomic, IOT based conference rooms will help you attract clients and keep an upright image of your business. Comprehensive infrastructure support must be a mandate while choosing an office space in Gurgaon. Also, the supreme quality of buildings will ensure safety in times of emergency like a fire or earthquake.

CorporatEdge proposes specific solutions to the companies with:

  • LEED certified platinum marquee buildings,
  • Easy accessibility,
  • Innovative designs,
  • World-class infrastructure, and
  • Fully functional workspaces. 

You can also add other essential functionalities that you may want in your space. 

  1. Determine the amount of space you need:

Not all office space requires large areas, and not all offices can accommodate smaller spaces. So, first, decide on the amount of space you require before deciding anything else. These are a few factors influencing the amount of space your office setup needs. 

  • Nature of business: If your business requires maintaining an inventory, you should know that smaller spaces are not for you. On the other hand, freelancers go for shared spaces.
  • Size of your Workforce: More employees you have, you need more space to accommodate them. As a thumb rule, each employee needs about 150 square feet of space. 
  • Equipment: If you have large or several pieces of equipment to accommodate, think about where to place them. 
  1. Estimate your budget:

First, evaluate the average rental cost per square foot of your local area. It will help you to calculate different buildings across different locations. Now, calculate the amount of square foot your business requires. Also, consider utility charges and any other maintenance charges of the common areas of the building, such as the entrances, lobbies, and elevators.

Companies such as CorporatEdge allow you to book virtual spaces, meeting rooms, namely, Inspire and Ignite, at an affordable price of 1000. You can pick your product and customize the same according to your requirement. Thus, everything fits your budget without hassle.

  1. Ideal breakout areas:

No or fewer refreshment areas, lesser your employees will be happy with the workspace. A vibrant cafeteria will assure brand image, employee satisfaction and will keep your on boarding clients entertained as well. 

Although it is the most necessary element for a business to own or rent a space, every organization faces specific issues while searching for one. Sometimes, it is the office space that determines the future of the enterprise. It is where CorporatEdge comes into play. CorporatEdge ensures that you get hold of a premium office space that looks elegant and is super functional with a prime location.

Office Space for Rent in India

Flexible Work Spaces Advantages In The Post Covid Phase

Flexible Work Spaces Advantages In The Post Covid Phase

Office Space for Rent in India

Since the pandemic, teams across small, medium, and large enterprises have understood the importance of working remotely or flexibly. Professionals have adhered to the idea of working in an ecosystem that can maximize their productivity. And while offices remained shut in most areas across the country, it was essential to work from home. However, with the rollout of vaccines, teams across the country are returning to collaborate with each other. Companies have realized that for the welfare of their employees, it’s important to work at places where they can maintain social distance and at the same time get access to all resources that are necessary to get a productive output.

Thus, with the introduction of hybrid work patterns or flexible work schedules, many companies are now opting for flexible workspaces. Apart from the multi-faceted advantages that these workspaces provide, they also help people feel safe and stress-free. Instead of sitting behind cubicles, flexible workspaces offer professionals abundant space that has been found to improve productivity and promote good mental health.

It’s clear that managers and their team members can now collaborate more effectively, either remotely or at flexible workspaces. Here are a few reasons that the new normal flexible workspaces are going to redefine how professionals work:

#1 Hassle-free management of workplace operations

Companies tend to invest heavily in their workplace operations. With a traditional office setup, they have to hire talent to facilitate office operations, look at the administration, and hire staff to maintain the cleanliness of the office space. In all, these are heavy expenses that companies need to incur every month. However, with flexible workspaces, companies / individuals have the opportunity to skip these expenses as most of these are taken care of by the serviced office spaces. From housekeeping to tracking who’s entering the premises, flexible workspaces ensure that companies do not have to drain their money or time to maintain the cleanliness or other operations of the workspace. 

#2 Increased time for productive work

One of the best advantages of working in a flexible workspace is the benefit of maximizing work time. Instead of focusing on minute details in the office, executives can focus on their work more. Since a flexible workspace allows more compliance and resources, professionals can devote more time to work and concentrate better, thus helping them make the most of their time.

#3 Rent-free commitments

Working out of flexible workspaces allows companies to make the best use of their investments. No extra expenditure or rent is required to use the space once they subscribe to the shared workspace at serviced offices. This allows companies to steer clear of rental agreements and maximize their true potential. This is especially important for startups or small organizations who are able to concentrate more on the output of their work than having to pay rent for the things they use if they opt for a traditional office setup.

#4 Decrease in cash outflow

When operating from a flexible workspace, you can cut down on commuting expenses, infrastructure-related repairing, heavy electricity expense, maintence or other operational expenses that are otherwise incurred when they opt for a whole office setup. Since many executives now prefer to work remotely and meet to collaborate with their teams only when required, flexible workspaces emerge to be the most cost-effective solution. Companies can make the most of their subscription to flexible workspaces and adapt well to the changing dynamic of workplace changes.

#5 Customized solution for each company

Flexible workspaces allow companies to look into their own issues or concerns with the utmost focus. This is possible because comapnies have the time and expense to delve deeper into their cybersecurity issues and focus less on external factors. Flexible workspaces allows you to look into the open matters without worrying about other parts of the office structure that are to be maintained. Since many executives these days work remotely and prefer flexible workspaces, this will allow companies to improve their own systems, streamline their projects, and concentrate further on improving their structure of work.

#6 Operating expenditure vs capital expenditure

Companies have to invest in a lot of assets to work in an office. This may include prototyping devices, computers, machines, generators, electrical devices, pantry devices, and much more. All of these resources require heavy expenditure. Especially in the case of small teams, having to drain money on this equipment can be difficult and often futile. Moreover, it’s also important to require staff to take care of these assets in an office setup.

However, within flexible workspaces, companies have the opportunity to remain stress-free as all of these machines and devices are available to access freely. Companies can avoid incurring these heavy investments and instead simply subscribe to these resources whenever necessary. Even online meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other collaborations are made more accessible when working out of flexible shared office spaces.

How does CorporatEdge make work effortless with flexible workspaces?

So, if you are looking for a space for your company, then opting for a flexible workspace is the best solution to make the most of your investment. One of the most premium workspaces available presently in India is  CorporatEdge, that provides flexible workspace solutions in New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore. As CE experts will guide each company according to their company size and requirements, it becomes easier to understand what type of workspace and resources can be incorporated into the package to work efficiently. CorporatEdge experts  conduct consultations that make it a seamless experience to get an office space. Call us now at +91-8287566777 or email at for further queries. 

Best shared office in Central Delhi

Shared Workspace Perfect For Small Teams

Shared Workspace Perfect For Small Teams

Best shared office in Central Delhi

The idea for the workplace landscape is evolving with time. It has transformed the way of working by providing flexibility, taking care of the basic amenities like electricity, internet connection, desk space, etc. 

Often people try to find out whether it’s an area where multiple people work or a place where many employees work at various times? What about a spot where employees from several companies work together? 

Shared workspaces are growing popular these days because they provide exciting real estate solutions and hassle-free management. More so, they offer an ideal platform for members to sway business opportunities. With several diverse companies sitting next to each other, the affiliation becomes abundant, and connections are seamless.

Know some information about a shared workspace?

At first, it is necessary to understand that the shared workspace is not where numerous people work one at a time. It is different from a collaborative space. A shared workspace is a common virtual or physical office space.

Here employees from the same company work together closely. If you are working in a physically shared workspace,you are likely to have the following amenities:

  • Fax machines
  • Printers
  • Furniture and other traditional computer equipment

Benefits of Shared Workspace

  • Many people sharing the same workspace at various times is basically shared or coworking space. Usually, it is used for one week a month. Though one may also try for to experience it for a day. Here, the workplace is static, but the occupants are dynamic, meaning the employees can work from any center.
  • A coworking workspace implies an individual occupant using space for a specific time. They can take a day/week/monthly pass. Once they leave, that workspace will be occupied by someone else instead of going vacant
  • A shared workspace is ideal for small teams where a company can use meeting rooms and centers to its advantage
  • Workstations rented by freelancers, remote employees, consultants, and gig workers, often rent the shared or co-working spaces. Basically, workers without a fixed office space rent it
  • These office spaces are much larger with a premium office address to position the entity of an organization ahead of the competition. For example, a freelancer may rent a coworking space. Or even a start-up may periodically, if not regularly, rent shared office space for the entire team to work together.
  • Shared workspaces comprise resources and amenities as these places generally support small companies. These are outfitted with tech, perks, and features for a larger group of people. A shared workspace is much more flexible than leasing an office building on your own. A shared workspace could be immensely beneficial for businesses that are trying to save money. Why? Well, because you can avoid signing a multi-year lease. Moreover, most of the appliances you get are already furnished.
  • In a shared working workspace, one can scale work desks as needed. Here, employees do not need a permanent desk. They can access an individual space where they can work as required or on an ongoing basis. As a result, employees enjoy the freedom of using the workspace on their terms, while companies can unburden themselves of expensive commercial leases.
  • A shared workspace promotes a decent work-life balance by being centrally placed and close to public transport. Moreover, it provides necessary amenities to recharge or de-stress during a day of work.

Future of Shared Workspace

A shared workspace is anticipated to be the new future, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. This could be a good alternative for work from home culture as well. Most players from the enterprising community are confident that the shared workspace will see regeneration soon with a sound growth opportunity shortly.

The model has several potentials in it. These spaces are perceived as one of the most fast-growing business world trends. Moreover, the coworking spaces are splendid for community building as well.

Looking for an exciting shared workspace for your team? We at CorporatEdge can help you with our expertise and knowledge. So, don’t hesitate to contact us at +91-8287566777.

Office Space for Rent in India

Flexible Working Spaces Advantages In The Post Covid Phase

Flexible Working Spaces Advantages In The Post Covid Phase

Office Space for Rent in India

The new normal in the post-COVID-19 era is not going to be the same anymore. Although some workspaces are opening their doors to employees motivated by the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination drive, physical occupancy is still pretty low at the shared workspaces and offices.

The pandemic has given rise to the growth of hybrid workspace norms, which comprise flexible working spaces.

Statistics Prove Flexibility is In Demand!

A recent survey from Deloitte states that around 94% of respondents suggested that they would profit from flexibility of work due to the benefits of reducing stress, boosting mental health, and creating a better work-life balance.

In addition, in the report named ‘A 360° view of India’s flexible workspaces’, net absorption of more than 17 million sq. ft. of the Indian flex space market was witnessed.

The advantages of flexible workspaces allow companies of different sizes to continue work from multiple locations within their place of residence. By this method, the workforce can select to proceed with work from an office address near their home, thus, reducing the commute time. This way they can concentrate on work and spend more quality time with their family. More so, flexible office spaces promote easy association and interchange with clients and colleagues more often.

This way, moving forward, companies are planning to open their premises given the advantages of confederation and inspiration that only a tete-a-tete can bring to the table even with adaptable work solutions in place. However, to make this a reality, they need to be adjustable to many cutting-edge technologies.

Following are some of the real-time arguments on the usage of flexible workspace. 

Why Choose Flexible Workspaces?

  1. Reducing The Investment Cost Of The Companies 

Nearly 27℅ of the employees are working from home, which has reduced the investment cost of the companies manifold.

  1. Moving In With Rent-Free Commitments.

The world takes a paradigm shift to the new normal. Start-ups and small enterprises should re-evaluate, protect and further recalibrate their business model. So, they combine remote access and remotely shared connectivity. 

  1. Get The Flexibility Of The Time Horizon.

The start-up ecosystem is dynamic and adapting to changes. The employees and professionals are immensely flexible, active, and ready to acclimatize to the recent trends. The idea of remote working has benefited the employees as well the companies with increased volume of work.

  1. Downsizing Your Cash Outflow

Remote working culture is cost-efficient. Companies can cut down the unnecessary expenses to infrastructure, commutation, and increasing expenses on productivity and development.

  1. Scaling Up Your Expenses Once The Actual Team Size Grows

Companies can scale up their expenses as required. They can integrate the resources into the cloud and become more available, expanding flexibility. There is an increased chance of solving the challenges in real-time. Thus, offering the potential for improving productivity.

  1. Getting Customized Solutions For Each Company

The recent trends have enabled people to remotely work while having safe access to the company’s resources, equipment, and data points which are the starter pack of a productive work environment. This abrupt and constant access can open up chances to trace and mitigate any concern varying from structural changes to cyber security issues. Organizations can find customized solutions within and outside the physical constituencies of an office structure. 

Also, leaders of remote working organizations can start to offer the services in a more streamlined way to their clientele. It may include not only tech-savvy but also tech-shy customers and find a customized solution for the company. This way, they may improve loyalty and brand equity far and wide within their end-user base.

  1. Operating Expenditure Vs. Capital Expenditure

Companies incur operating expenses like administrative and general expenses, goods’ cost, research, and development during the regular business. On the other hand, capital expenditure is incurred when a business takes on debt or uses collateral to add value to an existing one or buy a new asset.

The new normal has benefited from the digital environment by hosting webinars, conducting online presentations, collaborative meetings, brainstorming sessions, and workshops. Thus, the flexibility of working space has increased the engagement of both the employee and the employer.

At CorporatEdge (CE), our CE experts provide you with customized workspace solutions following all the COVID-19 health and safety protocols. So, if you are looking for a flexible workspace solution, don’t hesitate to email us at  or call us at: +91-8287566777.

Serviced Office in India

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Serviced Office Space

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing A Serviced Office Space

Serviced Office in India

2020-2021 has taught us a lot in terms of how life is unpredictable. Just as people had started wrapping their heads around living life in the New Normal, life threw a curveball.

After the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, offices are gradually opening up in India. In times like this, it is imperative for businesses to make every move after careful consideration. One of the critical decisions that companies need to make in the New Normal before reopening is zero-in on the suitable office space.

While there is no shortage of office spaces, business owners must pick the best space. Being one of the best office space providers in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore, we at CorporatEdge have created a list of common mistakes to avoid while selecting a serviced office space:

  1. Making rent the primary deciding factor – Businesses faced tremendous loss in the wake of the pandemic, making budgeting the most important deciding factor while renting a serviced office space. There are serviced office spaces spread across various cities in different locations available at different price tags.What you need to avoid is making rent the focal point while choosing a workspace. You also need to consider the location, amenities, and other value-added services that offer you maximum ROI.
  2. Making an impulsive decision – Renting workspaces involves a lot of deliberation. Take your time, do your research, and ensure that the office location is close to, say, public transportations, restaurants, hotels, and so on. It is good to connect with the office space providers and schedule a tour before taking the final call instead of deciding based on the information available online.
  3. Ignoring the location – Location plays a vital role in business success. Centrally located offices such as Connaught Place in Delhi, DLF Cybercity in Gurgaon, or MG Road in Bangalore provide ample opportunities to network and expand the business. With all the amenities nearby and being well-connected to different parts of the city, these locations prove beneficial for companies in the long run.
  4. Not focusing on infrastructure – Low-cost office spaces often translate to low-quality infrastructure. While this may help save money for businesses, in the long run, it can prove costly. For instance, you may spendmore money on the maintenance and frequent repairs/replacement of the office furniture. In the New Normal, it is vital to focus on your employees’ health and well-being, and infrastructure is one of the factors that adds to it.

Pro tip: While looking for office spaces, look for – LEED-certified building, the arrival experience, well-lit surroundings, HVAC specs with Merv filters (to reduce transmission of airborne diseases), and so on.


  1. Focusing only on the building –There’s a lot that goes into a serviced office space apart from the building. The best-serviced offices offer a lot more than an excellent office address. While having a workspace in Grade-A buildings with a lovely façade is crucial, you also must consider other factors. Think of ergonomic furniture, meeting spaces, board rooms, private cabins, cleanliness/hygiene, 24/7 security, cafeteria, and more. A dedicated and fully-equipped spacewillmeet all/most ofthese requirements.

Why Choose CorporatEdge Flexible Offices?

CorporatEdge offers the perfect-fit workspaces for businesses. From private cabins to team offices with ergonomic furniture, and state-of-the-art meeting rooms, there is everything needed to reduce the moving downtime for companies looking forward to accommodating their workforce.

CorporatEdge follows stringent COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Select from our hygienic, sanitized, and secure workspaces situated at prominent business locations in New Delhi, Gurgaon, and Bangalore.

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