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How Service Office Segments Can Evolve In 2021?

How Service Office Segments
Can Evolve in 2021 ?

Serviced Office in India

When I want to discuss the future of work, I do not wish to give you an elaborately distant scenario. The world we live in has rapidly changed in terms of norms and trends within a blink. With 2020 being a year of lifestyle revolutions, it will not be wrong to say that humans are always at the volatile age for adapting to such changes. 

So the future of change is already here, and even without you know it, people have started thinking the way they thought their job was. However, business leaders are on the verge of facing the biggest challenge in managing this transition effectively. 

Technological advancement in the past years has already foreseen the way people have perceptions about businesses in the coming future. And it will not be wrong to say that the way the world’s business will shape will be really difficult. Even though we cannot predict what exactly the future beholds, there are a few changes that are sure to happen, and being a forward-thinking organisation, you must be on your toes to evolve with the same.

  • Gig Economy

Accept it or not, but the gig economy is here to stay and excel. To determine it in layman’s term, a gig economy is a free-market that companies shoes for hiring freelancers and independent workers compared to the traditional form of full-time workers. It refers to a model where experts are hired and paid based on the projects they worked on.

Such an economy flourishes with the workers taking up part time jobs, thereby allowing them to change their jobs as frequently as possible to take up multiple assignments from different businesses at one go.

The days where people craved 9 to 5 cradle-to-grave jobs are gone. The gig economy allows people to save many hours every day and make the most of their lifestyle within the said time.

  • Artificial Intelligence

The biggest question raised since the advent of artificial intelligence is whether it proves to be a threat to the human labour force. 

Suppose the rise of internet technology wasn’t worrying enough. In that case, the advancement of technology is short of destroying jobs in the coming future. Humans have already created and are now competing against something that can outperform us at any given time.

According to a 2013 study, around 47 per cent of Americans working in various Business Centres direct service of losing their jobs due to automation in the next decade or two.

So what is the way of finding balance?

How can artificial intelligence coexist with humans?

If treated properly, artificial intelligence will provide new job roles for a huge number of individuals. Humans have to accommodate their intelligent machines as co workers and learn to collaborate with this new system to balance man and machine at the workplace.

  • Transparency

Transparency is the currency of trust.

A huge emphasis has been put on fairness and transparency by the current generation at work. This is going to be the new trend within the next generation as well. With a transparent and well-defined job description, company culture, and salaries, the trend is here to stay and evolve further.

Employees will now be watchful for more accountable, flexible, and trustworthy relationships with their employers. 

Thanks to the massive prominence of websites and social media channels such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn, the organisation’s happenings are no longer a secret. Serviced Office with a more transparent and open working culture are already attracting and retaining some of the best talents in the industry.

So it might not be wrong to predict that the system of hierarchy in the workplace will dissolve soon.

  • Creativity. Innovation. Imagination.

Automation is here to revolutionise the world of work. According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, a lot of interesting insights have already been established. 

“What we predict is not a sudden overnight take over but a period of an ongoing succession which is perhaps an accelerated change that the organisations have started performing and mixing the jobs in the economy.”

The impact of automation is already being felt across organisations and industries. However, despite meaning job roles suffering, many others will yet remain untouched.

The report suggests that the technical aspect of every work will be affected sooner than expected.

However, job roles requiring a high degree of innovative thinking, creativity, and imagination will not be easily automated.

Machines can be great at optimising a job but still lack goal setting, planning, and decision making. Therefore, creativity, innovation and imagination will continue to top the charts in the world of business.

  • Environmentally and Socially Responsible Attitude

Businesses are no longer in the position of separating themselves from the happenings of the world around them. Hence the only option is to adopt a more responsible attitude towards the environment they are trying to sustain. 

This is why corporate social responsibility is becoming an increasing trend in the socio-economic scenario, giving back to the wider society and community.

People love to work with companies with a more socially responsible attitude and have a natural tendency to advocate the company culture actively.

With global warming knocking at our doors, there cannot be a better time to collectively be more aware of the scenario and become responsible as business and corporate entities.

Hence it is the need of the hour for every business to look for sustainable ways while trying to grow and protect the planet and its limited resources. 

Wrapping Up

Companies have already put their best feet forward in setting the stage right for the rest of the companies to follow suit. It is only a matter of time to understand whether we are ready for the change!

10 Good reasons to relook at how we work and from where we work, post-pandemic The hybrid working style – Flexible Shared Serviced Offices

10 Good reasons to relook at how we work and from where we work, post pandemic The hybrid working style - Flexible Shared Serviced Offices

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the dynamics of office / workplace concept. With most countries in lockdown mode, work-from-home became the norm. The trend continues in 2021 but work from home comes with some challenges. 

Around the globe businesses have started adopting to flexible remote work model and its been noticed that many organisations are re-evaluating and re-structuring their business operating strategies and expansion plans. They are seeking alternate workspace arrangements to support a hybrid-working model of days in and out of the office.

While organizations are still struggling to become fully functional, hybrid-serviced offices/ shared workspaces have started offering flexible and attractive options to suit business types. These solution-led offers will aid organisations in minimizing the overhead cost, maximizing the work efficiency and work productivity, revenue generation and employee satisfaction 

There are many benefits of making this transition:

  1. Hybrid-serviced office / Shared serviced offices are fully furnished with plug-in work stations, Wi-Fi, tea-coffee machines, café, photocopy and printing services, technical support, clean washrooms and good air-conditioning.
  2.  With a reduction in the number of employees at the office, employers don’t need large office space and hence are moving to Hybrid-serviced office. Not only can a hybrid model lead to rental cost savings, fewer office supplies are needed
  3. This is a cost-effective and economical option. Organisations/entrepreneurs do not need to pay for regular maintenance and utilities and yet get professional infrastructure, support staff, advanced IT support etc.
  4. With multiple companies / organization using Hybrid serviced office and shared workspace, it also provides business networking opportunities for professionals.
  5. Renting out hybrid-serviced office tends to control office politics as people meet for shorter time periods and are from varied verticals.
  6. Most hybrid serviced office/shared-working spaces have a pleasing open layout, leaving a positive impact and also offer exclusive meeting rooms and conferencing facilities such as in-house screen projectors, video conferencing, IT support, stationaries etc.
  7. To further smoothen work and reduce operational cost, hybrid serviced offices/ shared-workspace offer monthly membership plans for organisations with large team, entrepreneurs and freelancers.
  8. As some hybrid offices have multiple presences, this means more advantages if you use their premises across cities.
  9.  ‘Flexible workspace’ is the keyword. With the Virtual Office option provided by hybrid-serviced offices, now businesses and entrepreneurs can remain connected with the clients while being apart.
  10. Most of the hybrid-serviced offices /shared-working spaces are in CBDs and centrally located which is easily accessible and saves on commuting time. 

Among the leading players for premium hybrid-serviced offices in the Indian market is CorporatEdge Serviced Offices.  

CoproratEdge assist clients in finding the perfect workplace solution for current and future. From large enterprises to growing start-ups, CorporatEdge provides flexible hybrid serviced office, shared-workplace solutions in Delhi, Gurgaon and Bangalore with modern infrastructure, advanced IT support cafés and kitchen area, phone booths, 24/7 building access, guest lounge and concierge, day to day business facilities – photocopying and printing services, secured keyless entry office doors, mail and package handling. 

To sum up, hybrid offices are flexible, cost-efficient and friendly working spaces. It is certainly a boon for large-mid size businesses, entrepreneurs and individual who want to work anywhere, anytime. 

My kind of workplace

My Kind Of Workplace

Work place satisfaction and productivity boost

Modern workplace environments call for innovation and inspiring design elements BUT What works best for an individual or a business?

Are open plan offices or a Coworking place more of a rage? Office cubicles? Private office suites? Open offices? Virtual offices? Work from home? What is your pick?

There are pros and cons for each kind of a design
  • Office Cubicles provide a sense of privacy, are an enclosed desk area but make the employees unhappy to be cut away from their peers and colleagues. Though it might offer lesser distractions, it also offers unsolicited distractions where an employee can be in his own daydreaming mode.
  • Private Office Suites offer senior workforce a better sense of urgency and commitment in their jobs. Since most of their work revolves around confidential meetings and discussions and conference calls where they need that private plush den to define their personality and years of experience
  • Open and Shared Offices are ideal for maximizing the yield on square footage and minimizing the real estate costs but are best suited for early stage start-ups, young solopreneurs and young millennial generation which craves to network and socialize
  • Virtual Offices offer more of a sense of pride to have an official mailbox and address and give an opportunity to have a larger footprint in various cities without being physically present. But it lacks the physical workplace aspect, and a person relies more on a road warrior agenda.
  • Virtual offices along with a Day Pass option of visiting your Mailbox address place and getting a flexible desk to work offers better opportunity and flexibility to sit out and work in a professional & chic environment.
  • Work from Home gives flexibility and ease of zero travel but the sense of dressing up and getting ready to nail the day and be on your toes to finish your tasks goes away. it offers far larger distractions and noise pollution than you can imagine.
It may help to boost your productivity to some extent but you are demotivated, lack interaction and networking, are totally out of sight and out of mind.

The new age offices

The new age offices

The smartest way to grow your business is to be in the best of environment and be looked after with warmth by a team of humans who understand your professional needs.

The 12 to 16 hours that an individual spends of his day are at his place of work.

Any company you might be heading or working for, you need a workplace which is ever welcoming, inspiring and goes with your identity. You carve out your own little corner where you sit and work, sip your coffee, chat, relax and unwind with fellow beings and meet and greet other professionals.

And of course if you are taken care of by a team of smiling and warm individuals who add value to your day to day operations and smooth working, it will be all the more motivating and a cherry on top.

This clearly is what one can get in a serviced office where everything is taken care of for you from the start.

In my personal journey of being associated in setting up serviced offices for our country for more than a decade, I feel that what is important is knowing the end user very well, the nature of their business, their likes and dislikes as well. Location being the key ingredient, a great building with a grand arrival experience, having a prestigious address is what boasts of your own credibility and where you work. All this with the right mix of a great product, an impeccable service and flexibility with warmth and personalised service is the demand of the modern era.

Today’s gen Y now needs a chic, cool and relaxed yet professional environment to boost their productivity. They look for a place where they can network, socialise as well as collaborate under one roof and that is what a Serviced office can offer.

And yesterday’s gen X requires the right amount of chic and cool quotient yet an extremely sanitised environment and peace of mind to work effectively. This is what makes the task of setting up a Serviced Office more challenging yet exciting.

As far as the design and id of the place goes it should be a place which provides an equal mix of common areas, cafe space, and working floor, director cabins, in built meeting spaces.

The smartest way to grow your business is to be in the best of environment and be looked after with warmth by a team of humans who understand your professional needs. To set up offices can be equally challenging, time consuming and involving huge funds. The challenge comes when you want to be in an A grade Office building and don’t need more than 300 to max 7000 sq. ft. of space. That’s when a serviced office comes really handy like a quick intelligent solution.

Corporatedge Serviced Offices was a dream for us (My husband and I). Our vision for the Company was clearly to be the most sought after, hospitable and premium yet value-for-every-single-rupee Brand for an individual entrepreneur, a start-up or any Company setting up and registering an office in India. Easy, Flexible, Chic and smart way of doing business.

Our values clearly get reflected when we design the serviced Office which is both inspiring and where people can feel the positive energy and our edge. Every nook and corner of the place is thought through and done with a creative mind which also takes care of the functionality aspect of the place.

The journey has just begun and we want to continue creating workspaces that are the most preferred, professional and customizable – and where each person is a Happy Customer!