My Kind Of Workplace

Modern workplace environments call for innovation and inspiring design elements BUT What works best for an individual or a business? Work place satisfaction and productivity boost Are open plan offices or a Coworking place more of a rage? Office cubicles? Private office suites? Open...

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Whats Makes the Employees/ Workers Happy ??

WHAT MAKES THE EMPLOYEES/ WORKERS HAPPY?? Optimizing of the office workspace. You will be surprised to know that 9 out every 10 employees...

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Who I am Makes a Difference

n today's world, one needs to deliver and put forward the best of infrastructure, facilities, support and above all an impeccable service...

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Value Engineering Of An Office Space

One really needs to understand the purpose of an office workspace, what it means to each individual of a Company sitting under a common roof...

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Virtual Offices and Co-working Spaces

Those who run their businesses from home are given the chance to expand their businesses and get them to a more professional office environment...

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Serviced Office in Gurgaon

In business every square foot of office space solutions really matters. The ratio of the seating space and common area for usage and circulation has to be good in order to create an ease...

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The New Age Offices

Any company you might be heading or working for, you need a workplace which is ever welcoming, inspiring and goes with your identity. You carve out your own little corner where you sit and work...

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