CE Opinion: Work From Home – Not a Long-Term Solution

Monaah M Shuklla

CE Opinion: Work From Home – Not a Long-Term Solution

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Six feet apart seats, empty cafeterias, Zoom Halloween parties – this may be the world of future work in 2021 at least. Working remotely will also become the norm. Even a nation. This will allow several digital nomads to fulfill their dreams of working from anywhere in the world, be it Chicago or California.

While working remotely from an office space, including serviced offices, managed offices, or coworking spaces, is gaining prominence, the opinions are divided on how feasible it is working remotely from home.

Companies such as Microsoft and Twitter are offering working from home options to their employees permanently and indefinitely, while Google and Facebook are going towards a hybrid model – including working from both office and home.

So, why is working from home not taken as a long-term solution anymore?

CorporatEdge wrote an article sometime back on the challenges of working from home. To add to it, a recent survey by the Martec Group (via WTOP News) states that 59% of respondents said that WFH made them feel “discouraged” or “trapped.” These issues stem from various sources, including constant distractions at home and the inability to communicate and collaborate seamlessly with the teams.

Another survey from FlexJobs found that employees tend to experience burnout at work, more specifically during the pandemic.

Think of all the meetings that could have been emails, which only point to wasting time in front of the screen and eating into personal time. As a result, the anxiety level of individuals tends to increase. Also, some employees engage in work-related activities, taking calls beyond working hours, even during the weekends. This has led to additional mental health problems for many of them.

Combating a Deadly Virus vs. Starting a Tradition

Lest we forget, working from home was a measure to keep a deadly virus in check and not an option we were looking for as a permanent solution. Offering telecommuting options was a prudent step that was meant to protect the employees’ health and not necessarily something that everyone would voluntarily opt for given a chance.

Come to think of it, most people around the world experienced remote working only during the pandemic. So the arrangement may have worked out well in some of their favor, but that doesn’t mean office spaces will become utterly redundant in the New Normal.

Businesses are Reopening – With All Safety Measures in Place

Post the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have slowly started opening up. With people getting vaccinated, offices are gearing up with all the safety measures required to keep their employees safe. This goes beyond just wearing masks or sanitizing hands.

Many companies choose to conduct businesses from the safest premises that already have implemented the best protocols to ensure maximum safety for the occupants.For example, think of various technologies in the building itself, ranging from thermal sensors at multiple points to contactless taps, keyless entries, frequent sanitization, and so on. In fact, several businesses are opting for operating from flexible office spaces, which are being called the future of working in the New Normal.

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