CE response to coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of us. CE is committed to serving its clients and their business in the safest and most effective possible way during these challenging times. For us safety of our customers, community and team members is of paramount importance.

As we follow the quickly developing environment around coronavirus, we are implementing new policies to help us prevent the spread of the virus and are also monitoring the situation every day, working diligently to follow and adhere to follow all government guidance in each of our locations.


Information about cleaning and sanitisation

We have implemented enhanced cleaning procedures in our locations to protect our patrons, guests and our employees. Our teams are briefed to regularly disinfect shared surfaces to minimise risk, such as doors, handles, meeting rooms, concierge desk, shelves, glass panels, furniture, etc. Everyone is requested to wear masks during work, with support workers to wear gloves. Hand sanitisers are also available in the centre and are placed in the common areas.

Prioritising hygiene and well being

Guidance such as – wash your hands frequently and properly, use of arm or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, use hand sanitiser frequently, dispose of tissues immediately, refrain from touching your nose or mouth has been displayed well in the common areas.

Customers with underlying medical conditions, or who are pregnant or elderly are requested not to come to the centre during this time.


Other important specific measures

All networking events have been cancelled until further notice. Our Centre team is also in touch with relevant hospitals in the vicinity and support workers in case of emergency. Wherever possible, we are increasing space between desks or offering customers alternatives to ensure social distancing.

If a case is confirmed with another tenant in the same building, clients will be informed and guidance on the full steps being taken by the landlord will be shared.

Thank you

If you are a customer or to become one, please reach out and we shall endeavour our best to help you. We are closely following with the recommendations by the WHO and will provide updates as needed. In the meantime, thank you for helping continue to keep our welcoming community healthy and safe!!


Supporting our clients and community

The pandemic has caused serious disruption around the globe. Being India’s most reliable provider of shared workspace, we understand how challenging this crisis continues to be for people and businesses. Our endeavour is on helping our customers to run their companies as smooth and effectively as possible. We also provide many virtual services, which shall help many of our clients even while working from home. For example, we can manage their incoming posts, phone services and offer a variety of other flexible business solutions.

We will continue to operate our locations, maintaining health and safety and are extremely grateful to our incredible team members, along with the support workers for their hard work and dedication during such challenging time.