Conventional office space or business centre?

Monaah M Shuklla

Conventional Office Space or Business Centre?

Ever wondered what the business centre buzz is all about?

In the past couple of years, big and small businesses have started shifting to either co working spaces or business centres depending on their size and the amenities available. However, the question that still looms is WHY?

Contrary to popular belief the serviced offices industry isn’t just meant for small companies or freelancers. Many SMEs and multinationals also create dedicated spaces in business centres – creating not just an environment that increases their employee productivity but also becomes their center of attention from where to expand.

So what are all those factors that make these places such a hit and a preferred choice among people? Continue to read as we settle down this debate of business centres vs conventional offices for you!

Business Centres are more than just a fad!

Started many years ago, the business centre industry was considered by many a fad as conventional spaces were more prominent then. However, due to the incredible speed at which globalisation hit countries, big corporations and multinationals soon realised that the cost of opening a dedicated office space there would be too high. So, one can say that the advent of business centres was fortuitous and well timed.

The success of business centres clearly indicates that companies are shifting out of conventional office spaces. In fact, many studies show that the traditional office spaces create an environment that is low in terms of productivity and provides a restrictive work environment.

Business Centres offer more than just a table or chair

Unlike the redundant, conventional office spaces business centres are more than just four walls, a roof and boring cubicles! Business Centres are based on the concepts of inclusivity, community building, promoting innovation and healthy relationships. From infrastructure, flexible workspaces, to the abundance of amenities – business centres offer the perfect balance between working seriously and having a good time while doing so.

In a nutshell, where traditional office setup is all about monotony and robotic life, you experience anything but those things in a business centre.

Coworking is the future of workspace

Dubbed the future and alternate to traditional workspaces, business centres offer an environment that facilitate innovative ideas and build a healthy employee experience. From flexible and collaborative work environment, huge savings on the budget there is more than a single reason why people are opting business centres over regular offices!

Why join the Corporatedge community?

  • Cost Effectiveness: In our experience, organisations around the world have started shifting to a modern corporate landscape. By reducing the operating cost in terms of office space overheads and maintenance fee, virtual offices allow the management team to invest more heavily in their core business.

  • Expansion: The flex nature of virtual offices makes it an ideal option for any number of organisations and individual work styles. With an uncompromising attention to detail and client needs, virtual offices make day-to-day operations smooth and expansion plans easy to execute. By offering services like basic office amenities, front desk services and mail handling, scaling becomes more efficient when the worry of space or fluctuating headcount gets negated.

  • Job Satisfaction: Virtual offices allow individuals to work on their own terms and how it suits them – allowing every single individual to achieve the work life balance.

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