Difference between Private Offices and Co-working Spaces

Monaah M Shuklla

Difference between Private Offices and Co-working Spaces

Co-working Office Space in India

Offices have been an integral part of organizations since the advent of the modern age. Traditionally, companies have always opted for private office spaces for reasons ranging from maintaining decorum to offering privacy. However, the changing perspective towards company management and the evolving dynamics of work culture have shifted the traditional mindset of being constricted to private offices to a more liberal viewpoint. Co-working office spaces and serviced office spaces are new work trends that have emerged as an alternative to traditional office spaces.

What is the major difference between a private office and a co-working space?

In a private office, only the employees of a particular company gather and have their own dedicated spaces. On the other hand, a co-working space is more inclusive. In a co-working space, you will be working with people from different companies in a common area.

Private office spaces feature fixed cubicles and seating arrangements for employees, along with fixed schedules and timings. In contrast, in most co-working office spaces, the work area is allotted on a first-come-first-serve basis. There are no fixed seating plans, and the same area can be used by many different companies, one after the other depending upon their schedule. CorporatEdge provides customized solutions for all our clients.

Private office spaces are generally rented or hired for longer periods. For example, some commercial spaces are leased for almost 1 to 2 years. However, co-working office spaces can be rented out for long periods or even a single day (by getting a day pass). This entirely depends upon the services and policies of the co-working space provider.

CorporatEdge manages both private and co-working offices, reducing management pressure on the companies. Our services cater to the companies’ needs, giving them room to grow with seamless integration of their work culture. CorporatEdge is an innovative service provider specializing in the best possible office space suitable to every company. CorporatEdge provides you with both services-private office space and co-working space.

Why do companies opt for co-working office spaces?

Private office space requires a lot of money for rent and upkeep. Now, an established company with many resources can afford a spacious private office area for itself. However, this may be unfeasible and expensive for small and medium-sized companies. Especially since the advent of the start-up age, people have been looking for innovations in reducing and managing costs while at the same time opting for a dedicated workspace for their team.

The low costs and easy management features of co-working spaces are the primary reasons why companies choose co-working instead of private office space. CorporatEdge understands the dilemma that young start-ups, solopreneurs and regular entrepreneurs have to go through when looking for a space that gives them the liberty to pursue a systematic work culture within their budget.

However, CorporatEdge also considers the issues that an established or veteran company has to go through while looking for private office space due to numerous reasons such as expansion, location change, and so on. Established firms often struggle to find the right space that suits their workforce and are burdened by the copious amounts of documentation required to get a lease. CorporatEdge takes care of every aspect of providing an office space that suits all the requirements of our clients without fail.

What are the pros and cons of private office spaces and co-working spaces?

While comparing the pros and cons of both private offices and co-working offices, you will find that the advantage of one is the disadvantage of the other. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each space:


The first and foremost con of a co-working office space is autonomy. Unlike a private office, you do not have exclusive autonomy to organize events and conferences particular to one company. Contrast that with a private office, where you can organize as many conferences as your schedule permits without any interference. This gives private office spaces a lot of autonomy.


As the Covid-19 pandemic ravages the world, people have realized that maintaining hygiene is key to good health. Although it is a con for both kinds of workspace, keeping the work area clean in both co-working and private office spaces is necessary. CorporatEdge has innovated and adapted to the evolving sanitary needs and precautionary measures needed to eliminate any chances of breaking the social distancing norms. CorporatEdge office spaces are frequently sanitized and equipped with thermal scanners to ascertain the wellbeing of every person who is present and working in the area.


This is a big con for co-working spaces and a huge pro for private offices. With many different companies working together, there is a possibility of a data breach or plagiarism of novel ideas. This can pose many problems for companies working on big projects in co-working spaces. This cannot happen in private office spaces since there is no outside interference. It gives you the benefit of getting a personalized IT team to ensure a seamless, secure data protection module.

CorporatEdge’s innovative approach towards these problems is great news for start-ups and companies working in co-working spaces. CorporatEdge offers IT support for technical assistance.


Co-working spaces are a great option for start-ups since they offer the liberty to organize events and social gatherings with prospective clients and other start-ups in the same field in association with incubators. CorporatEdge offers such benefits in both private and co-working office spaces. However, in private spaces, discretion is completely dependent on the company that owns the place and in co-working spaces, it depends on the majority.

Perusing this list of pros and cons of private and co-working office spaces will give you an idea of the best-suited space for your company. And if it interests you, feel free to reach out CorporatEdge. We will be more than happy to guide you and offer more insights into how you can capitalize on finding the right office space that propels your company’s vision forward.