Five Tips Behind Choosing The Correct Office Space On Rent In Gurgaon

Monaah M Shuklla

Five Tips Behind Choosing The Correct Office Space On Rent In Gurgaon

Office Space On Rent In Gurgaon

Gurgaon has been marked as one of the most popular business hubs of the nation. Explicitly, it is the Millennium City of Gurgaon that is ruling the sector. At present, the city is witnessing a surge of global corporate giants choosing this place for their next big office space in India. As a premium serviced office provider, CorporatEdge is an influential company making all the difference in the sector.  

Primarily, office space requirements are based on a few factors such as location, the expanse of space, cost, business services, car parking, proximity to refreshments, rental plans, and commitment issues. 

Here are some issues as recommended by CorporatEdge, discussed for your convenience. It will help you to decide upon the correct office space for rent in Gurgaon

  1. Top-notch location:

For any office, its location has to be the priority. When a space has unbeatable connectivity, your employees and clients will be happy to connect with you. A well-connected premium office space location supports building a positive brand image of your organization. Since the city is the hub of business faces, it sees a massive traffic flow from the nearby locations. Thus, proximity to the National Highways and metro stations is a must check. The ease of communication is a crucial point in building a brand image, and that is where CorporatEdge is cutting the ice with its prime locations at,

  • Gurgaon: Two Horizon and DLF Cyberhub,
  • New Delhi: HT House Connaught Place, and
  • Bangalore: ITC green. 
  1. High-quality buildings and facilities:

Aesthetically beautiful buildings are going to add to your brand image. When you are expecting a client onboard, the aesthetic look and feel of the building will work as your first impression. A beautifully decorative office space with ergonomic, IOT based conference rooms will help you attract clients and keep an upright image of your business. Comprehensive infrastructure support must be a mandate while choosing an office space in Gurgaon. Also, the supreme quality of buildings will ensure safety in times of emergency like a fire or earthquake.

CorporatEdge proposes specific solutions to the companies with:

  • LEED certified platinum marquee buildings,
  • Easy accessibility,
  • Innovative designs,
  • World-class infrastructure, and
  • Fully functional workspaces. 

You can also add other essential functionalities that you may want in your space. 

  1. Determine the amount of space you need:

Not all office space requires large areas, and not all offices can accommodate smaller spaces. So, first, decide on the amount of space you require before deciding anything else. These are a few factors influencing the amount of space your office setup needs. 

  • Nature of business: If your business requires maintaining an inventory, you should know that smaller spaces are not for you. On the other hand, freelancers go for shared spaces.
  • Size of your Workforce: More employees you have, you need more space to accommodate them. As a thumb rule, each employee needs about 150 square feet of space. 
  • Equipment: If you have large or several pieces of equipment to accommodate, think about where to place them. 
  1. Estimate your budget:

First, evaluate the average rental cost per square foot of your local area. It will help you to calculate different buildings across different locations. Now, calculate the amount of square foot your business requires. Also, consider utility charges and any other maintenance charges of the common areas of the building, such as the entrances, lobbies, and elevators.

Companies such as CorporatEdge allow you to book virtual spaces, meeting rooms, namely, Inspire and Ignite, at an affordable price of 1000. You can pick your product and customize the same according to your requirement. Thus, everything fits your budget without hassle.

  1. Ideal breakout areas:

No or fewer refreshment areas, lesser your employees will be happy with the workspace. A vibrant cafeteria will assure brand image, employee satisfaction and will keep your on boarding clients entertained as well. 

Although it is the most necessary element for a business to own or rent a space, every organization faces specific issues while searching for one. Sometimes, it is the office space that determines the future of the enterprise. It is where CorporatEdge comes into play. CorporatEdge ensures that you get hold of a premium office space that looks elegant and is super functional with a prime location.