Flexible Work Spaces Advantages In The Post Covid Phase

Monaah M Shuklla

Flexible Work Spaces Advantages In The Post Covid Phase

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Since the pandemic, teams across small, medium, and large enterprises have understood the importance of working remotely or flexibly. Professionals have adhered to the idea of working in an ecosystem that can maximize their productivity. And while offices remained shut in most areas across the country, it was essential to work from home. However, with the rollout of vaccines, teams across the country are returning to collaborate with each other. Companies have realized that for the welfare of their employees, it’s important to work at places where they can maintain social distance and at the same time get access to all resources that are necessary to get a productive output.

Thus, with the introduction of hybrid work patterns or flexible work schedules, many companies are now opting for flexible workspaces. Apart from the multi-faceted advantages that these workspaces provide, they also help people feel safe and stress-free. Instead of sitting behind cubicles, flexible workspaces offer professionals abundant space that has been found to improve productivity and promote good mental health.

It’s clear that managers and their team members can now collaborate more effectively, either remotely or at flexible workspaces. Here are a few reasons that the new normal flexible workspaces are going to redefine how professionals work:

#1 Hassle-free management of workplace operations

Companies tend to invest heavily in their workplace operations. With a traditional office setup, they have to hire talent to facilitate office operations, look at the administration, and hire staff to maintain the cleanliness of the office space. In all, these are heavy expenses that companies need to incur every month. However, with flexible workspaces, companies / individuals have the opportunity to skip these expenses as most of these are taken care of by the serviced office spaces. From housekeeping to tracking who’s entering the premises, flexible workspaces ensure that companies do not have to drain their money or time to maintain the cleanliness or other operations of the workspace. 

#2 Increased time for productive work

One of the best advantages of working in a flexible workspace is the benefit of maximizing work time. Instead of focusing on minute details in the office, executives can focus on their work more. Since a flexible workspace allows more compliance and resources, professionals can devote more time to work and concentrate better, thus helping them make the most of their time.

#3 Rent-free commitments

Working out of flexible workspaces allows companies to make the best use of their investments. No extra expenditure or rent is required to use the space once they subscribe to the shared workspace at serviced offices. This allows companies to steer clear of rental agreements and maximize their true potential. This is especially important for startups or small organizations who are able to concentrate more on the output of their work than having to pay rent for the things they use if they opt for a traditional office setup.

#4 Decrease in cash outflow

When operating from a flexible workspace, you can cut down on commuting expenses, infrastructure-related repairing, heavy electricity expense, maintence or other operational expenses that are otherwise incurred when they opt for a whole office setup. Since many executives now prefer to work remotely and meet to collaborate with their teams only when required, flexible workspaces emerge to be the most cost-effective solution. Companies can make the most of their subscription to flexible workspaces and adapt well to the changing dynamic of workplace changes.

#5 Customized solution for each company

Flexible workspaces allow companies to look into their own issues or concerns with the utmost focus. This is possible because comapnies have the time and expense to delve deeper into their cybersecurity issues and focus less on external factors. Flexible workspaces allows you to look into the open matters without worrying about other parts of the office structure that are to be maintained. Since many executives these days work remotely and prefer flexible workspaces, this will allow companies to improve their own systems, streamline their projects, and concentrate further on improving their structure of work.

#6 Operating expenditure vs capital expenditure

Companies have to invest in a lot of assets to work in an office. This may include prototyping devices, computers, machines, generators, electrical devices, pantry devices, and much more. All of these resources require heavy expenditure. Especially in the case of small teams, having to drain money on this equipment can be difficult and often futile. Moreover, it’s also important to require staff to take care of these assets in an office setup.

However, within flexible workspaces, companies have the opportunity to remain stress-free as all of these machines and devices are available to access freely. Companies can avoid incurring these heavy investments and instead simply subscribe to these resources whenever necessary. Even online meetings, brainstorming sessions, and other collaborations are made more accessible when working out of flexible shared office spaces.

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