How creativity is driving the future of modern workspaces

Monaah M Shuklla

How Creativity is Driving the Future of Modern Workspaces

Contrary to the traditional understanding of creativity, and after having served both international and domestic companies, Corporatedge has found the true meaning of creativity. Creativity is driven by three key factors – Originality, Innovation and Functionality. However, creativity alone cannot drive the success of companies in the flexible workspace, co working and business centre industry, it must also be useful and functional. These have become the hallmarks for companies that are looking to shift their operations to a co working space or business centre

Experts suggest that for many people something as trivial as a doodle can light the fire of creativity. The idea generators, thus, must be given the kind of environment to work in that helps stimulate their creativity and allows them space for focused thinking. Identifying and welcoming these finds is paramount to successfully run a business centre or a co working space where the members can channel their creativity into improving their work in a productive, impactful and efficient way.

“The impact of a thoughtfully and creatively built business centre always influences creative thinking”

How Creativity Impacts The Future of Work?

Creativity, as we’ve noticed, will mould the future of work in three essential ways:

  1. Establishing best practices and hierarchy of valued professional attributes and job functions
  2. Creating a framework for long term growth and survival
  3. Providing a system for innovation

As many experts suggest, true dynamism and creativity flows from continuous innovation, experimentation, adaptation, and change. All these factors put together raise productivity over time – allowing companies to pour gasoline in the creative fire of innovative thinkers in their companies. And while many might ask how they can find such creative minds, the ability of a company to create an environment that sparks creativity becomes central to the future of profitability and growth.

And so, this is how we help.

Creativity – The Corporatedge Way

With close to a decade’s experience in designing flexible workspaces, creativity plays a central and significant role in our designs. This involves pushing our boundaries and supporting any and all challenges that our members might face.

And since the most unexpected and unpredictable ideas come from the heart of the creative process, we are able to find and understand the needs and behaviours of our members and work towards helping build their dream workspace in away that is suitable to everyone.

Hence, all our Centres exude a level of creativity that stimulates productivity and efficiency by balancing the need for creative designs with the counter-intuitive quiet workplace.

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