How to Reduce the Fixed Costs of your Business

Monaah M Shuklla

How to Reduce the Fixed Costs of your Business

Serviced Office Space in India

With the changing work culture all over the globe, companies are now looking for the best possible way to manage their office spaces. Work from home culture has given rise to remote work culture. Adapting the work-from-home model has been lucrative for organisations by being cost-effective. However, there lies a major productivity issue in working from home. Moreover, a company can’t run all its operations online. So companies must figure out their budget and finances when considering resuming their offline operations. While it may seem like a challenge, there are many innovative ways in which your firm can reduce fixed business costs.


CorporatEdge allows companies to explore different options that were not the norm a few years ago. People are more inclined to opt for co-working or serviced office spaces with the changing work dynamics. Alternatives to traditional offices and innovative facilities at affordable prices give organisations leverage now. The wide range of services of CorporatEdge gives you an edge in managing your finances. Here are some services that you can incorporate in your business to balance the expense without compromising on the business aspect of your brand.

Ease of management


Traditionally, private office spaces have been owned and managed by organisations themselves. However, with so many new businesses emerging every year, it is almost impossible for such companies to manage their private offices independently.


Managing office spaces all on their own and investing in commercial property for complete ownership can be a hefty investment. With the growing demand for premium office spaces with cutting-edge services, office spaces are now becoming hybrid workstations. The primary objective for firms now is an ergonomic and business-oriented approach while ensuring affordability.

CorporatEdge has taken this solution further by conceptualising all the pitfalls and possibilities for improvements that an emerging startup or company would want. For instance, CorporatEdge manages and services the private offices without interfering with the company’s internal management. Furthermore, it provides a team of IT experts for technical assistance. Furthermore, CCTV surveillance and security with key cards for a day pass ensures secure access in the building 24×7. Moreover, we provide options like a dedicated desk, hot desk for the employees of our client companies to have a seamless workflow ensuring productivity on their designated tasks and projects. So, renting CorporatEdge’s premium private space gives you the liberty to expand your operations and make the best out of all the amenities.


Renting out such office spaces aligns with your budgetary demands as you will easily reduce your business cost without spending extra money on its servicing and management.

Virtual offices


Startups and companies looking for alternative ways to build their reputation as a business entity can use virtual offices. CorporatEdge’s virtual office solutions include mail handling, professional team support, phone answering, meeting room’s access, etc., at affordable prices. This helps transform a home-based business into a fully grown professional corporate entity. A virtual office is a value-for-money solution that boosts your professional image, giving you and your team complete access to professional office facilities at affordable pocket-friendly prices.

Co-working and shared office spaces


The best way to reduce business costs is by opting for hybrid workspaces like coworking office spaces. Here, you do not have to bear the burden of renting out the whole place since the rental and other included costs are shared by all the companies working in the office. You get added benefits of common meeting rooms, break-out zones, telephone booth, lounge, and cafe area access.


CorporatEdge’s coworking and shared offices provide exclusive amenities like 24/7 building access, cafeteria, guest lounge and concierge, and photocopying and printing services, along with secured keyless entry office doors. This makes things easier and more economical since you get everything in one place, thus increasing your firm’s productivity.

Professional meeting spaces


Sometimes businesses need meeting spaces for client meetings or with important stakeholders. Many startups face the problem of finding a dedicated and professional meeting space in the different parts of their city, making it difficult to hold meetings at a place that is easily accessible for both parties. Not having a fixed physical place of work is a professional roadblock that can cost businesses their clients.


CorporatEdge solves this problem with many professional meeting rooms located at prime locations in various cities. This reduces the commute time since the company can now easily book the meeting and schedule a time at the clients’ preferred location. You can get the meeting room for a fixed period if you have numerous clients or stakeholder meetings lined up on the same day. These features allow you to make a strong impression of customer-centricity on your clients.

Business enterprise solutions


Several companies and startups face budget problems in choosing multi-faceted solutions, which are important to achieve your business goals. CorporatEdge has expertise and versatility in identifying and providing the best business enterprise solutions according to your businesses’ requirements. This helps CorporatEdge precisely which real estate office solution will fit your budget. You get all amenities at affordable prices, with the design and layout reflecting making your businesses look more productive and successful.




So, by having a systematic plan in place, you can easily manage your fixed business expenditure. CorporatEdge’s solution gives companies the right direction to start their portfolio and invest at the right place. This helps businesses save a lot of funds that can be utilised in various other areas of their work. The services of CorporatEdge not only make startups and businesses look professional and productive but also give them the right environment to nurture their businesses and achieve their targets.


CorporatEdge is the best office solutions company dedicated to ensuring that all our customer companies have the best possible amenities. Hence, we believe in pushing companies to scale faster and become successful tycoons in their respective sectors by establishing their business. Consult us for getting the right office space at affordable prices, thus reducing your expenses for new office space.