Managed and Shared Office Setup for Higher Goals

Mona Shukla

Managed and Shared Office Setup for Higher Goals

Are you a startup, a freelancer, or a small enterprise? Imagine how you can boost your professional image in front of your clients when you call them to your office. Well if you are marketing your company or selling your products, the packaging does matter.

This is where the shared office spaces solution helps. From fully furnished offices to meeting rooms that you can hire by an hour or day, not to forget swanky business lounges and impressive fully managed reception/concierge areas, shared break out spaces all come with a host of benefits.

Now the question is, is it worth spending on shared office spaces than having your own workspace? The answer is that there is no one solution fits all. Here we need to look at small businesses, startups & freelancers in one category and bigger established Multinationals in another. Even if working from home or coffee shops is cheaper for individuals or start-ups or smaller units but the work environment and infrastructure available are far more conducive to shared spaces. Not only does it give you the resources to handle your short-term projects but also the fact that you can present yourself as better equipped to handle projects for newer deals. So in long term, the ROI in shared spaces is always higher. A lot of Fortune 500 companies are also opting for shared office spaces these days. It allows them to focus on their core work rather than wasting time on the Nitti gritty of office space set up and management.

CorporatEdge Serviced Offices, offer premium shared spaces & virtual office solutions for startups, mid to large enterprises with offices in niche addresses. Their set-ups in grade–A, greener and sustainable buildings are always an advantage for the occupant/tenant companies.

Another fact is that shared office spaces are built according to the latest business environment providing the flexibility required in today’s businesses specifically for any time anywhere work culture.

Be it a smaller business or a bigger company, networking is a must for everyone. And these offices give you a great networking platform. Cost of renovations, furniture setup, AT &T, and services like housekeeping, pantry, and security are all covered to a large extent.

So next time you look for an office space think about shared serviced office spaces at CorporatEdge Serviced Offices.

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