Retaining your top talent and urging the best talent in the industry to join you – Office design and an inspiring workplace plays a key role.

Monaah M Shuklla

Retaining your top talent and urging the best talent in the industry to join you - Office design and an inspiring workplace plays a key role.

One of today’s biggest challenge that businesses face across the world today is the high turn over rate of talented employees.

HR and top business leaders are struggling to find ways in order to retain talented performers. The rise of consulting assignments/freelancing is making things worse and more difficult as this kind of culture is adding fuel to fire.

To stop high attrition, and attract the best talent from industry one needs to look at what kind of environment one has created in the workplace, along with the better employee benefits which are a no brainer. Top Multinational Companies are investing hugely in creating inspiring office spaces and create a positive vibe environment through thoughtful office design in order to retain top performers for a longer tenure.

Some of the key ways that can help keep the attrition level low and attract new talent are:

1. Building office design which helps collaboration and promotes team bonding.

2. Employee engagement studies and surveys depict that employees, when to feel engaged in their work and organization, can improve the bottom line up to 20%. Thus by simply incorporating informal break out areas and adding quiet zones in the busy open-plan office design floor, organizations can help employees bond over work challenges and create better engagement. Creativity and out of box thinking in modern design can help employees spend time in the office in a positive more connected and deeper emotional level and thus creating a stronger bond with their work, co-workers and Company at large.

3. Taking feedback from the employees on office design and layout helps too.

4. Personalization is of key importance even in a shared office infrastructure, and companies are keen on having their own branding, customized fit out and an office design which goes with their Office culture, Company’s values and vision. Thus their employees’ opinion on the new office is very important to be it color, accessories, lighting options, ideas about Cafe/ breakout and recreation areas, furniture options and so on and so forth. Serviced office Companies like Corporatedge are providing this flexibility and collecting all the ideas and creating inclusive design patterns that reflect a very high degree of personalization from the employees’ perspective. This approach helps create a workplace environment which promotes engagement, trust and belonging thus adding to employees faith.

5. Providing a workplace that increases the positive vibe and helps in uplifting employee health in a positive manner is of utmost importance.

6. Office design , infrastructure, platinum lead certified and green buildings are very important as organizations face increasing business challenges, competition and regulatory uncertainties in today’s business scenario. Companies are thus putting more importance on the wellbeing and retention of employees and top talent. Employee health and their engagement at work are now becoming major key performance indicators for assessing the overall health of an organization. Office interiors, ambiance, and design should focus on the quality of air and natural light inside the work floor area. Acoustics and heat load levels/air conditioning are also very important aspects of creating a comfortable workplace.

7. Adding soothing colors , bringing in nature and adding more greens in the form of live green walls, potted plants which keep the oxygen levels of the place in balance are equally important.

8. Antiseptically clean environment , aesthetically warm and fresh work areas are a simple basic need of today’s modern workspace. 

9. Offices are a reflection of your Home away from home and they need to depict this through their design.

10. Offices which do not compromise on such key elements and have an eye for detail, carefully bring about form and function in their design have more successful, happy employees who are more connected and committed.

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