Safety and Productivity Tips in the New Normal

Monaah M Shuklla

Safety and Productivity Tips in the New Normal

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Companies are building their Covid-19 responses and transforming their ways to work in the New Normal. They are building resilience and going above and beyond to maintain safety at their workplaces.

While some of the firms are going completely remote, others are settling for flexible work arrangements for their staff members. Regardless of the option, they choose employee safety and productivity continue to remain the two primary concerns. This especially resonates with firms on the lookout for managed office spaces in New Delhi, Gurgaon, or Bangalore.

Here is a compilation of tips that are handy before making the switch:

Employee Safety Tips

  1. Revisit the Office Capacity Policy –Post the pandemic, many companies are settling for a phased approach, where only a limited number of staff returning to the workplace while the remaining team(s) continue to work from their homes. With reduced footprints in the office space, it becomes easier to maintain social distancing and follow various safety protocols to comply with the regulations.
  2. Social Distancing at Workspace – Maintaining distance between people is one of the critical approaches to control the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. The ideal way to go about this is to opt for spacious workspaces with fewer footfalls with the implementation of various social distancing policies such as –
    • Reducing the number of on-site meetings and opt for more virtual meetings.
    • Rearranging worksites to allow more distance between employees with at least six feet apart desks.
    • Setting up the office space with the latest tech for better remote collaboration between the teams.
    • Staggered work schedules can limit the number of employees occupying the workspace at a time.
    • Sanitizing and cleaning of the spaces carried out between the shifts.
    • Installing plexi glass or dividers to maintain distance between the staff.

Private working spaces in premium buildings meet all of these requirements and more. Companies only need to settle for ready-to-move-in office spaces without any maintenance hassle.

  1. Upgrade HVAC Systems –Office spaces with good ventilation can prohibit the transmission of the virus. You can either install high-efficiency air filters or better HVAC systems in your workplace. Alternatively, you can look for a space that already has an upgraded ventilation system to filter out contaminants and improve the airflow.
  2. Get Keyless Access – Keyless entry to the office premises is another way to ensure safety at the workplace. Think automatic door openers to enter and exit the workspace without touching a doorknob or door handle. Some managed office spaces have already implemented contactless, 24/7 entries for the members to reduce the risk of transmission.
  3. Keep Ergonomics in Check –Employees across various organizations are exposed to numerous health risk factors due to wrong body postures for prolonged periods in office spaces and homes. This health hazard can be alleviated with ergonomic workplace design. From placing monitors at eye level to keeping keyboards at the right height, everything matters. This is taken care of at serviced office spaces, which include ergonomic furniture by default.

Employee Productivity Tips

  1. Adopt a Flexi-Working Model –Employees are used to working from their homes and other setups outside of the office in the post-pandemic era. This work-from-anywhere model gives them the flexibility to commute to places nearby their homes and reduces the chances of fatigue and burnout. The reduction in commute times also increases their productivity manifold. And meeting up with their team members once in a while helps them eliminate the challenges that surface due to remote work.
  2. Facilitate Cross-Functional Collaboration –Collaboration and communication play vital roles in ensuring productivity for employees. According to a report, 74% of employees felt disconnected at work. With remote working and flexible workspaces being the New Norma, it can become a significant challenge and hinder productivity. This takes us to the following pointers.
  3. Invest in the Best Tools and Technologies – Several tools and technologies facilitate better collaboration and communication between employees. Slack, Zoom, Asana, Trello, Jira are examples of software that enable effective collaboration between your teams and ensure better project management. Apart from this, you will also require the best audio/visual tech, high-end speakers, speedy Wi-Fi connectivity, and secure cloud services to ensure uninterrupted work.
  4. Reduce Unimportant Meetings – When you conduct impromptu meetings without a clear agenda or purpose, you end up wasting several productive hours of your employees. To make meetings effective, always define the agenda and invite only the required team members. Wrap up the discussion to decide and assign action items for every member who attended the meeting.

These are some of the ways to ensure a safe and productive workspace in the New Normal. We at CorporatEdge understand the importance of providing complete safety and productivity at work and ensure full compliance with Covid-19 protocols mandated by the government, including frequent sanitization and support for making workspaces secure and hygienic. To know more about how we facilitate the best of hybrid workplace models, get in touch with us.