Space It Up with Shared Working Spaces / Co-Working

Mona Shukla

Space It Up with Shared Working Spaces / Co-Working

Who would have thought that a trend that started in 2005 would witness a steep growth before the pandemic hit the world. And it hasn’t stopped there. The trend of co-working / shared working spaces is now the hottest and the most useful trend in the ‘new normal’ workspace industry. India is the second largest market in the co-working industry after China which gives us an idea of the changing dynamics and high demand.

Findings from FreeOfficeFinder revealed that 89% of businesses are exploring serviced office solutions for January 2021. Additionally, companies looking to downsize their current office space and continue offering flexibility will likely turn to flexible offices to accommodate workers

Another survey by UpWork & ClearlyRated states that 47% managers are more likely to hire independent professionals in the future as compared to pre-Covid times. Therefore, flexibility and employee management will be the necessity of the future.

The next big question is: Why are shared or coworking spaces apt for this changing world?

It is not just about posh and swanky offices that shared or co-working space operators provide, at of course a niche address, but also the fact that it takes the load of administrative work from the mangers. This also provides a perfect platform for start-ups, who want to keep overheads low. Best co-working provides its clients, no pressure atmosphere of working from anywhere, anytime in their comfort zone. Today’s shared /co-working spaces are much more than providing just spaces. The integrated technology with fully furnished office spaces makes it a dynamic and optimum solution for millennial workforce.


A premium & leading Serviced Office operator, CorporateEdge has nailed the concept of shared working spaces/co-working platform by treating this as a service. With vast experience in the industry of workspace infrastructure, for CorporatEdge, this is all about empowering the clients with right resources. So going beyond the spaces, CorporateEdge takes active steps to give an edge to businesses by leveraging state-of-the-art technology for smart infrastructure , impeccable service, modern interiors that boosts workplace productivity.

An assortment of CE Membership packages are also available at CorporatEdge for clients to choose basis their business requirements. The CE Membership packages can also be clubbed with Virtual Office plans to create customized office solutions that offer additional flexibility and cost-effective options.

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