The new age offices

Mona Shukla

The new age offices

The smartest way to grow your business is to be in the best of environment and be looked after with warmth by a team of humans who understand your professional needs.

The 12 to 16 hours that an individual spends of his day are at his place of work.

Any company you might be heading or working for, you need a workplace which is ever welcoming, inspiring and goes with your identity. You carve out your own little corner where you sit and work, sip your coffee, chat, relax and unwind with fellow beings and meet and greet other professionals.

And of course if you are taken care of by a team of smiling and warm individuals who add value to your day to day operations and smooth working, it will be all the more motivating and a cherry on top.

This clearly is what one can get in a serviced office where everything is taken care of for you from the start.

In my personal journey of being associated in setting up serviced offices for our country for more than a decade, I feel that what is important is knowing the end user very well, the nature of their business, their likes and dislikes as well. Location being the key ingredient, a great building with a grand arrival experience, having a prestigious address is what boasts of your own credibility and where you work. All this with the right mix of a great product, an impeccable service and flexibility with warmth and personalised service is the demand of the modern era.

Today’s gen Y now needs a chic, cool and relaxed yet professional environment to boost their productivity. They look for a place where they can network, socialise as well as collaborate under one roof and that is what a Serviced office can offer.

And yesterday’s gen X requires the right amount of chic and cool quotient yet an extremely sanitised environment and peace of mind to work effectively. This is what makes the task of setting up a Serviced Office more challenging yet exciting.

As far as the design and id of the place goes it should be a place which provides an equal mix of common areas, cafe space, and working floor, director cabins, in built meeting spaces.

The smartest way to grow your business is to be in the best of environment and be looked after with warmth by a team of humans who understand your professional needs. To set up offices can be equally challenging, time consuming and involving huge funds. The challenge comes when you want to be in an A grade Office building and don’t need more than 300 to max 7000 sq. ft. of space. That’s when a serviced office comes really handy like a quick intelligent solution.

Corporatedge Serviced Offices was a dream for us (My husband and I). Our vision for the Company was clearly to be the most sought after, hospitable and premium yet value-for-every-single-rupee Brand for an individual entrepreneur, a start-up or any Company setting up and registering an office in India. Easy, Flexible, Chic and smart way of doing business.

Our values clearly get reflected when we design the serviced Office which is both inspiring and where people can feel the positive energy and our edge. Every nook and corner of the place is thought through and done with a creative mind which also takes care of the functionality aspect of the place.

The journey has just begun and we want to continue creating workspaces that are the most preferred, professional and customizable – and where each person is a Happy Customer!

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