Virtual Offices for SME Businesses

Monaah M Shuklla

Virtual Offices for SME Businesses

Virtual Office Space

In the significant years to come, we all would look back at the year 2020, which revolutionized the entire economy and paved a new way of working and imbibed a ‘new normal’ professional culture all across the globe. Start-ups started emerging and work from home became a standard way of working by everyone. From SMEs to multinationals, everyone started thinking of ways of reducing their costs and shifting to the virtual era for team connect and continuous work momentum.

SME or Small and Medium Enterprises have been the worst hit due to the pandemic because of the paucity of capital, resource and revenue loss, and cash flow challenges imposed by the severe lockdowns. For every business, no matter the size, cost-cutting was the solution. SMEs are especially vulnerable to staying afloat. For instance, by optimizing the rental costs of their office, many SMEs and MSMEs can reduce their operating cost.

Once remote work became the norm, businesses everywhere had to plan and rethink how much office space they need—and virtual offices began to rise in popularity. Borderless operations hence became a production feasibility and companies started opting for these solutions.

Work from home however convenient it sounds, does has its drawbacks too because it becomes more challenging to denote a fair work-play balance. Due to this divided attention where one needs to take care of the everyday domestic chores too, those important calls or emails may get unnoticed, and hence we miss out on some of the relevant professional notifications. Additionally, in some cases the credibility of the business is also compromised when the client learns about the ‘work from home’ scenario.

Keeping aligned to these factors, CorporatEdge has a solution for you where you can sign up for Virtual Offices and enable a distinguished presence for your business without the hassles of visiting your office everyday. You can enjoy the comfort of working from home or anywhere which suits you and your team while having a registered office address for your business, and the perfect administrative and team support, at a service that won’t pinch your pocket.

Other factors why you would choose the CorporatEdge Virtual Office Space are:

Business Real World:

With Virtual office business real world, you get 5 days access to our meeting rooms along with the business or GST registration for your business. So you can use our highly technologically equipped meeting rooms for your important business discussion or for a boardroom meeting.       

Registered Business Address:

Even though you are working from home, it is advisable to have your company registered at a swanky business location. It builds credibility while connecting with your potential clients also helps create a mark globally.

Postal Address:

You can use our address for mailing, on your website, letterhead, and stationery. With the CorporatEdge postal services, you can also use a registered address for your company and GST registration and enjoy 5-day access to our meeting room.

No more unread mails:

Unread mails going into hundreds and unsent couriers are now a thing of the past. Sign up for our Virtual Office plans and get highly trained assistance in handling your mails and courier services. Don’t let mails overwhelm you when you can leave it to us and focus on the growth of your business.

All calls answered:

We ensure backing you up with a professional support so that none of your calls go unanswered. We provide you with a dedicated phone number exclusively for your business and an expert to handle your calls.

Establish a unique identity for your business with CorporatEdge. Reach us out at or call us at +91 82 87 566777.