Whats makes the employees/ workers happy ??

Monaah M Shuklla

Whats Makes the Employees/ Workers Happy ??


Optimizing of the office workspace. You will be surprised to know that 9 out every 10 employees feel that their output and productivity at work is directly proportional to the environment they work in, the office design and infrastructure.

The reason why Corporatedge Serviced Office Centres work towards the aesthetics and the right mix of elements in their design element and space makeover is to offer inspiring workplace to all and hence increasing the EQ, IQ and happiness quotient.

A survey on office goers clearly specifies that 90% of office users and workforce feel that their overall productivity is enhanced in an office with best ambience and space layouts.

Creative spaces keep the adrenaline rushing and lower the stress. Almost 49% say that office space with the best mix of all elements helps them to work an extra hour as they feel motivated and taken care of in such an environment.

Thus when one is looking to lease out an office space or commercial workplace one needs to keenly look for the right mix of elements which would help boost productivity and performance of your employees.

The recipe which is key here is:
  1. Efficient use of space– maximizing every square footage of area in use
  2. Use of natural lightthe mix of natural daylight and artificial light has to be best to help create a balance of the happy, healthy and cheerful environment.
  3. Ergonomic work desks– putting in the right kind of seating comfort and desk heights with the use of green board certified furniture.
  4. Zoned Temperature Control– right use of the HVAC dynamics with temperature control is equally important.
  5. The right mix of open and closed workspaces– open plan helps collaboration and Coworking and ease of working with peers, and closed space takes care of your ‘think time/me time’ and confidentiality at work.
  6. Optimized Acoustics right use of sound absorbent carpets and creative layouts help cut noise levels.
The best colors to use in an office are Red/ Orange; Blue/ Green and Yellow.

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